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Gift shopping is always a challenge — albeit a fun one — no matter who the gift is for or what the occasion might be. One way to make sure a gift is unique and fitting for your friend or family member is to make it specific to where they live or where you live. If you or your gift recipient lives in North Carolina, there are easy ways to come up with gifts that celebrate your home or theirs.

Handmade Gifts

There are few better ways to celebrate a part of the world than with handmade products created by local artisans. For instance, the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh has a gift shop full of pottery, famous food items, and jewelry — including jewelry made from copper taken from the State Capitol building’s dome. North Carolina’s history has inspired many artisans. You can find anything from Civil War-style mugs to southern foods from antebellum farms. If there’s a State Park you or your loved one particularly like, you can get park-specific merchandise to celebrate it. Even if it’s not necessarily handmade, it’s still unique to the state and its culture and was likely designed by a native North Carolinian.

Technology Accessories

Accessories can be a practical and appreciated gift for tweens and grown-ups alike. How do you make technology specific to your home, you ask? The answer is simple: go for accessories with relevant logos on them. For instance, it’s easy to find phone cases with team logos on them, like the UNC Chapel Hill Tar Heels. There are a variety of places around the state that offer cell phone accessories, like AT&T Stores in North Carolina.

If you’re shopping for tweens and teens, look for accessories with a sense of style. A pair of headphones in your friend or family members’ favorite color could be a great gift, especially if they’re a pair of wireless trendy ones. A selfie-loving person may love a cute kickstand that can attach to the back of their phone. These can come in a variety of styles, from a simple ring or a circular PopSocket design. For an older family member, consider getting them a practical accessory that they may not realize they need, such as a mobile battery, an NFL Panthers cell phone wallet, or a customized laptop skin with a picture of the kids on it. Local artists also often make specially-designed accessories for phones, computers, tablets, and other devices, so keep an eye out for those.

North Carolina Experiences

For someone who loves the state and its heritage, the best gift may be an experience. The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Sources published a holiday gift guide in 2017. It highly recommends books about the state as well as memberships to various cultural institutions like the NC Museum of Art and Museum of History. The guide also suggests buying tickets to the North Carolina Symphony or getting your loved one an annual State Parks pass. What’s more, if you and your gift recipient have had a particularly great bonding experience at a place in the state, then look for something to remind them of that time. This will make the gift exceptionally personal.

It’s pretty easy to find a gift that rings of home sweet home, whether it’s your home you’re bringing to your loved one or your loved one’s home that you’re celebrating. Even if you don’t know the person particularly well, a gift that is specific to your home or theirs will still have a personal and thoughtful touch. It’s never a bad way to go.

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