Getting Your Baby Shower Started With Some Amazing Ice Breaking Games


When it comes to a baby shower, you are trying to combine different sides of the family, friends, and the occasional who are you guest list. With such a significant diversity if ages, backgrounds, and friend groups, it is vital to get the shower started with something that will get everyone talking so that friendships can get made early on some of the tense awkwardness will subside. A great way to do this is through some simple baby shower games.

There are a ton of different games to choose from but here is a list of easy to do games that don’t take much work from you as the host but can make a world of difference in getting your guests talking.

Name That Tune

In this game, your guests will be given the slip of paper or game card, and they h 10 minutes to write down as many songs they can think of that have the word “baby” in them. At the end of the 10 have minutes, you will gather up the cards and read the lists out loud. The winner is the individual that has the most. Yep, it is that simple but is a hit at any shower.

Baby Bingo

With baby bingo, your guests will write down what gifts they think the mother-to-be will receive. Then as the guest of honor opens the gifts, you will mark off the boxes. Just like regular bingo, the first person to get five in a row is the winner.

Hold a Drawing Contest

With a drawing contest, you let your guests draw what they think the new baby is going to look like. Please wait 15 minutes and then have each guest show off their masterpiece. With this game, you hope the friends and family of the baby mamma have not artistic abilities at all so that you have a way more exciting set of pictures.

Get To Know You

Hand out your game cards that contain a series of questions. Then turn your guest loose to talk to each other. When they find a person that matches one of the facts listed on their game card, they will write down that person’s name. Then they must move most on to another guest to find someone else that fits another fact on their game card. The winner is the first person to have someone for each fact.

No matter which of these games you chose to incorporate into your baby shower, adding a game is sure to help make your party a hit. So make sure you let your guests know that they are in for a good time with some custom baby shower invitations that give them a little heads up. By getting your guest to open up at the beginning of the shower, it won’t matter what else happens, and you can relax and just let your guest mingle and have a great time.

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