Getting a New Family Pet: Canine Edition


Obviously, dogs make a great family pet. They are able to form deep bonds with all members of the family, and they make great companions too. There are so many different breeds to choose from, so you undoubtedly should be able to find a breed that is going to fit in well with your family and its needs. Making the decision to get any pet requires some thought and consideration, and a dog is no exemption. Take a look.

Ensure That You are Ready for the Commitment

Getting a new pet is a big commitment, and dogs are more so than perhaps some other animals. You shouldn’t get a dog if you are not ready to provide them with the care that they need. Now, different breeds do have slightly different needs; for example, a bigger dog will need more walks or to be walked for further than a smaller dog will. That being said, all dogs need to be fed, watered, walked, played with, and loved. If you aren’t in the position to do this consistently every day for the rest of the dog’s life, then you should rethink whether getting a dog is the right choice for you. 

Making Your Home Safe 

Much like having a baby, when you get a dog, you will need to take a look around your home with a more critical eye. Dogs are very mischievous by nature, and therefore anything that they can get into, they are going to. There are some things within your home that could be considered toxic or dangerous to your dog, like plants or small items that could be a choking hazard. Much like you would baby-proof your home after giving birth, you will need to think about puppy-proofing for your new pet. 

The Age of Your Kids

The next thing to consider is the age of your kids. Some people choose to get a dog first before they start having kids, and this allows them to deal with the puppy phase, training the dog to behave in the way that they want, which makes it easier when the baby or babies arrive. However, some people are still unprepared for the added pressure a dog can bring to the newborn stage, and therefore they give up their dog. If your kids are a little older, then getting a puppy is a great option, and they are likely to be old enough to play more of a role in the dog’s care. There are also some breeds that are thought to be more child-friendly and better suited to young families. It is also important to teach your kids the appropriate way to behave around a dog too. 

Choosing the Right Breed

There is a huge number of dog breeds out there for you to choose from. Obviously, doing some research is going to be key here. You need to consider a number of personal factors like the size and age of your family as well as the size of your home, your budget, and the amount of time that you have to care for the dog. If you have a bigger home and you have the time to care for its needs, then you could choose a bigger breed. For example, Native Pet has several resources outlining whether or not certain dog breeds are good with kids, like their resource on choosing a German Shepherd for your family

Time & Cost

Obviously, any pet is going to be somewhat time-consuming to care for, but dogs may be more so because they tend to be less independent than some others. However, there are also levels within this; puppies tend to be more time-consuming than older dogs. Regardless of the age of the dog, when you first bring them home, you need to give them some time to allow them to get used to their new home. You might need to train them or teach them tricks. They also need regular walks, exercise, and playtime to ensure that they are healthy, mentally, and physically. 

Dogs are often like children, they are living beings, and they require things for their survival and these things cost money. They obviously need food, toys, and other comfort items. There are also vet bills to consider and pet insurance. This is all in addition to the cost of the dog itself. Of course, rescuing a dog is often far cheaper than buying a dog from a breeder. Before you get a dog, you really need to think about whether these extra expenses fit into your budget or not. 

To Conclude

When it comes to getting any pet, you are entering into an agreement with that animal that you are going to care for them and look after them to the best of your ability for the rest of their life. This obviously isn’t something that you should enter into lightly; you need to take it seriously. Once you have worked out whether or not you are ready for such a commitment, it is time to start researching. Think about what breed you want and whether you want a puppy or an older dog. Owning a dog truly can be life-changing.

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