Frownies: Say NO to Wrinkles


Laugh lines are not all that funny, are they? They say that we earn our wrinkles, and that survival lines tell our stories.  NO THANK YOU! Banish those wrinkles with Frownies.

Looking good at any age is what most men and women  strive for.  If one can achieve that with products that have antioxidant moisturizers, Vitamin E and amino acids that can make your skin look and feel good..that is AWESOME! A great skin care regime also needs to be easy to use and not break the bank.

FROWNIESWith Frownies  it’s as easy as One – Two – Three

  1. Facial Patches
  2. Rose Water Hydrating Spray
  3. Immune Perféct Wrinkle Cream


Facial Patches keep skin in place while you sleep and soothe forehead, corners of eyes and mouth.  Made from Natural Weighted Unbleached Craft Paper, with a Non GMO corn (Dextrin) based  adhesive.

Rose Water Hydrating Spray works with the pH balance of one’s skin.  Helps reduce the appearance of pore size.  Also  plumps fine lines and wrinkles. The essential oil from the rose in an natural antibacterial and is super refreshing.  A great spray for after exercising, during air travel (when skin can get very dried out) and on days when it’s warm and dry. Use in conjunction with Facial Patches and any time during the day to refresh face and neck.

Immune Perféct Wrinkle Cream is safe and effective and can be used twice each day.  Containing PLANT BASED ANTIOXIDANTS AND PEPTIDES in an Aloe base. Clinical trials reveal 98% of women who tested Frownies Immune Perfect for 30 days saw a visible difference in texture, firmness and clarity of their skin.

Frownies Before and After PhotosFrownies

Anti-aging skin products; wrinkle treatments; anti-wrinkle products; everything you need when you are looking for anti-wrinkle skin care you will find at
‘Keep it simple’ is the plan for product developer and CEO Kat Wright. As a mom of five she knows mom needs to keep her system of skin care easy and affordable. At 57 she wants the same simplicity so she can continue to make a difference in the world.


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Robin Rue
Robin Rue
6 years ago

Wow – it definitely looks like it works. I have some laugh lines that I would love to GO AWAY 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Robin Rue

I know! I have quite a few areas I could use it on lol.

6 years ago

That is impressive how much it really helps with the wrinkles. I definitely could use something because I’m getting more wrinkles every day LOL. I have to check into this.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jeanette

Same with me 🙂

Jeni Hawkins
6 years ago

Ohhhh I need this in my life! I just turned 41 and don’t mind my wrinkles, but it would be nice to have SOME control over them, right!? lol

Liz Mays
6 years ago

These are perfect for some of the trouble areas we normally use makeup on. It will be nice to have a more youthful look.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

Oh wow! I have to give this a try. Those are amazing results.

Amy Desrosiers
Amy Desrosiers
6 years ago

I definitely have what many would call resting b&tch face. This leads to to those dreaded v wrinkles on the forehead. I could really use this product!

6 years ago

Wow! Those before and after photos say it all! I haven’t noticed any wrinkles quite yet, but I’ll definitely pin this so I can refer back to it when that time comes.

6 years ago

This looks like a great product line. I have been looking for something new to try for my aging skin. I will have to pick some up this weekend.

Lisa Favre
6 years ago

Very impressive before and after photos! I know a few ladies that would love this type of product – seems super effective.

6 years ago

Wow, these look great. I have never heard of these before.

Dawn McAlexander
6 years ago

You cannot refute the proof in the pictures. I would love to try this. I need to do whatever it takes to keep my skin looking younger.

janis @mommyblogexpert

That is so impressive, the results are so noticeable. I think I need to try Frownies myself as I have a few of the same wrinkles you no longer have.

Toni | Boulder Locavore

That’s awesome!! Who doesn’t want a wrinkle-free skin? I need to try these products! 😀

Melissa Chapman
6 years ago

this absolutely looks like it does the trick! I have some frown lines that I am dying to banish and I will definitely be checking out this product!

Jocelyn @ Hip Mama\'s Place

I use rose water spray on my face every night. These products sound like something that could really work with wrinkles.

6 years ago

You had me at wrinkle free! I will have to check this out!