Five Simple Ways to Maintain a Guest-ready Home


We all have different excuses for not having a clean and organized home. And that’s okay. Sometimes, we need more to focus on the more important things than to stress about your pile of dirty laundry or those dirty dishes in your sink. However, when you have guests coming over, you’ll want to make a good impression. This can be a stressful time if you’ve got no time to clean and organized your home before your guests arrive.

So how can one cope? If hiring a maid to take care of your chores for you is not something you feel comfortable about, know that there’s still hope. You can maintain a guest-ready house even if you’re a very busy person. Here are some home-cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Stick to the basics

Unfortunately for us, there is no easy way to present your cozy, clean, and organized home other than tostick to a daily cleaning routine. You may not have many hours each day to clean. But if you do regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping even just for an hour or less, you’ll find it easier to clean up. You won’t need to do a general cleaning every time a house guest is coming since there is not much dirt, to begin with.

Let the pros handle your dirty laundry

You may not have to worry about finishing up your laundry area. But if guests are coming over, you’ll want them to see clean curtains and fresh pillows. You should have clean bedding and curtains when you need them. Many companies that offerprofessional laundry servicesalso accept the toughest cleaning jobs. They can pick up your laundry and deliver it fresh and smooth when you need it.

Speed-clean your bathroom

There is a huge chance that your guests will be using your bathroom. So do not miss this area. Wipe down your bathroom vanity, toilet, and shower area. Make sure that the toilet is spotless clean. Put out fresh towels and hand a new roll of toilet paper. Spray your favorite air freshener.

Get rid of all visible clutter

The fastest way to impress guests is to clear all visible clutter. Pick up everything that doesn’t belong on the floor. Toss clothes lying around in your hamper. Check all visible surfaces and clean those areas first. You can skip all possible sections or rooms that your guest will unlikely see. There is no point in tidying up the whole house if there is no reason for them to snoop around your bedroom or your laundry room.

Make your home smelling fresh

You may be able to deceive your guests with the look and feel of your home. But if it doesn’t smell good, you’ll easily scare them off. Make a good first impression bykeeping your house smelling fresh. You can do this by taking your garbage out and spraying an air fresher. You can also opt to place fresh flowers in a vase, light up scented candles, bake goodies, or use a car deodorizer in your air vents.

Even if you often don’t have guests coming over, it is always a good idea to clean and organize your home. The simple habit of regular house cleaning even for a few moments each day can make a big difference. This way, you’ll find it easier to do a quick cleaning in case some come over for a surprise visit.

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