Find the Right Oven for your Kitchen


Are you thinking about buying an oven for your kitchen or replacing the old one? If yes, then you are in for a great ride. The market offers an incredible selection of the same; you’ll be spoilt for choice. But of course, you only need to pick one – that fits the bill. 

The secret to getting the best oven for you is two-fold:

  • First, you need to figure out what you’re planning to use the oven for
  • And second, it is taking some time to educate yourself about these appliances.

Here are some top tips to help you find the right oven for your kitchen. 

Consider the size and space

When contemplating the oven size, consider your kitchen space as well as the things you’d like to cook. We don’t recommend using your eyes to measure the area – because it won’t give you the right one. So, get a tape measure and write down the dimensions of the space you’d like an oven to cover. While at it, remember these appliances need enough clearance for safety reasons. 

Look at the cord length

This is especially critical if the socket is some inches from where you’d love to place the oven. Of course, most ovens come with shorter cords for safety reasons, but you want to ensure the one you pick is long enough (or short enough – depending on your preference) to fit. So, ideally, you have to have in mind (preferably in a notebook) the distance between the nearest plug and where you want the oven to sit when looking at the cord’s length. 


The oven’s features are what will ensure a pleasant experience while using it. Look at the knobs, buttons, cabinets, pans, wattage, handles, and so on. You also want to consider the rotisserie spits, interior lights, convection fans, LSD screen, timer, auto-eject rack, multiple rack position, frozen button, degrees button, temperature probe, no-stick interior among other things.


The oven should also accommodate whatever it is you are planning to cook. You also want to consider the ability to make adjustments to the rack placement as well as temperatures so that you can bake, toast, and even broil. Other incredible functions to watch out for include warm, roast, slow cooking, reheat or leftovers, dehydrate, phase or dual cooking, steam, air-fry, and so on. 


Since your needs are unique, you should take time to ensure that the oven makes your cooking more accessible. Don’t just buy an appliance because you saw it on TV or in magazines. If you do not like to bend, for instance, you may go for an oven that lets you cook at counter height. Or if you are the busy type (that tends to forget), then one with visual or audible cues can be helpful.


Ovens can be costly; it makes sense to want to protect your investment with a warranty. So, before you buy an oven, it’s essential to make sure that you can return it if it has manufacturing defects. It’s also wise to check whether there are replacement pans and trays of extra accessories for the oven. 

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