Facts to Consider When Choosing a Salon Product Supply Company


As a professional spa and salon owner, you know the benefit of partnering with a supply company that provides you with all that you need to accommodate the needs of your clientele. Whether it’s nail or hair care you’re talking about, or it’s professional waxing supplies or skin care, here are some of the facts you need to consider when choosing a product supply company.

Fact 1: Are They Relevant?

Your salon and spa will only thrive if you stay up-to-date on all of the latest trends and products. Choosing a product supply company has to take in consideration their ability to provide you with the most popular items in demand for salons today.

For instance, modern customers are always looking for natural products that accommodate their beauty needs without putting a negative footprint on nature. Having the capacity to choose from among all natural ingredients will give your establishment an edge in the marketplace.

Fact 2: Are They Versatile?

Chances are, you own a spa and salon. This means that you are servicing clients who are wanting more than just a haircut and a blowout. It’s good for your services to be versatile and cover a diverse range of options.

Do you offer waxing services? If you do, do you have a reliable source for professional waxing supplies? This will avoid the embarrassing (and potentially dividend ruining) experience of running out of product, just when it is needed.

Fact 3: Are They Available?

There is nothing worse than having to waste your precious time chasing down a vendor so that your business can stay strong in its service. When deciding on a supply vendor, determine not only their availability but also their accessibility.

What this means is, how quickly do they respond to your call? Are your emails answered in a timely manner? Can you count on them to be reachable when you need your supplies most?

Fact 4: Are They Concerned with Quality?

Your clientele may or may not know the difference between a top of the line, high-quality products. But you do. If your goal is to set your business up as a premier, high-end establishment that treats your customers better than expected then having a higher grade product should be a priority to you.

Determining if your supplier can give you what you need (things like skin lotions and washes, professional waxing supplies, and more) can be the make or break difference for moving your salon into the next level of business.

Spa and salon owners in today’s market must maintain vigilance in determining the best vendors to meet the needs of their business. As you make your determination, make a list of all that you must purchase and then do the necessary research to find a vendor who matches your need. Though you may have to compromise in some ways, be sure to consider these four facts and prioritize what is most important to your company’s goals.

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