Expect These eCommerce Trends to Change the Retail Industry This Decade


The future is bright for eCommerce. While it has not overtaken traditional channels, its growth has been impressive. The overall percentage of sales of eCommerce markets in the U.S. is around 10% last year. In the UK, the number is slightly higher at 18%. This growth will continue this 2020 as experts predict a 16% increase in eCommerce sales.

But the way businesses are selling products and services on the Internet will have to change. They will have to hire ajewelry retouching companyto make their products shine brighter, for example. They’ll have to invest in animations and GIFs. They have to produce compelling videos to persuade consumers to buy the products. They have to delve into customer preference, as well as provide a secure platform where they can do their shopping.

Thesenew trends in eCommercewill dominate this new decade. As it grows, eCommerce will change the way the retail industry was molded. It will try to understand customer data in ways retail shops never had to do before.


Metrics will be a major player in the new decade. Businesses are going to rely on big data to understand their customers’ demands. They will tailor their product offerings according to their target market’s past purchases, behavior, and interests. The whole industry will be obsessed with gathering data and metrics that will tell them how to reach their markets.


Businesses can no longer “tell” customers what to buy. They need to show them what they want and why they want these items. Grainy and blurry photos are a no-no. You might have gotten away with them in the last decade, but they have no place on any eCommerce platforms right now. Invest in high-quality photos and videos and 3-D renderings.

Artificial Intelligence

Bots have taken over social media pages the past couple of years. Businesses can now depend on these bots to answer basic questions and inquiries. They may still have to check their inboxes once in a while. But for the most part, thebotscan satisfy what customers need. Only when the questions get really complicated that they are referred to a person. It’s cool, isn’t it? Customers love it, too. The innovation is being embraced by consumers. They appreciate the risks and investments that businesses make to provide a better customer experience.

Internet of Things

This decade will also see the embedding of the Internet of Things (IoT)into eCommerce. Consumers are going to be allowed to buy things from wherever they are using whatever device they can get their hands on. Today, you can buy through cars, voice devices, applications, and appliances. This hyper-connected world will make it easier for people to consume more products and services than ever before. As they continue to see convenience in everything they do, the retail industry will find more ways to experiment.

For businesses, selecting the right business tools is essential for their growth. These new trends will present challenges, but they will be good for business. Companies need to strike a balance between what their customers need, what they can afford, what they can maintain, and what will bring the most profit to them.

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