Expanding Your Horizons: 9 Facts About E-Cigarettes You Should Know


Modern innovations have made the electronic cigarette industry popular with young and old customers. There is something for everyone, with any of the top 12 e-liquid fruit flavors providing something of interest. Below are some facts about e-cigarettes that will help you with a buying decision.

9. Overfilling Will Destroy Hardware

Overfilling does not increase the vapor output. In fact, by going past the fill line, you could severely damage the e-cigarette. They aren’t flimsy enough to fall apart if you do it a few times. But make it a habit, and even the high-end hardware will fail you.

8. How Low-Resistance Attachments Help

Want an easy way to increase vapor puffs? Use low-resistance attachments. Anything in the 1.5-ohm range will be superior to 3.0-ohm atomizers. Although this is an easy upgrade, keep in mind you need a good battery to compensate.

7. Cheap Batteries Hurt Performance

You can get triple the amount of vapor puffs when using a good battery compared to a cheap knockoff. Large batteries are preferred for longevity, but even the smaller ones will show major benefits if you go with a trusted brand. Poor e-cigarette performance can usually be blamed on the batteries.

6. There Is An E-Liquid For Everyone

Whatever flavor you can think of, there is an e-liquid that matches it. Instead of sticking with the familiar, take the time to try something new every month. You never know when a new flavor will become part of your daily rotation.

5. Starter Kits Save Money

Instead of getting things separately, invest in a starter kit. They are competitively priced, and sometimes include things you never thought of purchasing. For first-time e-cigarette users, starter sets are a lifesaver.

4. Dripping Takes Practice

The atomizer and cartomizer debate continue to rage on. Filling an atomizer takes practice, but shouldn’t be that difficult. Decide whether you care about the filler material in a cartomizer or whether the unrestricted airflow of atomizers is more your style.

3. E-Cigarettes Are Allowed More Places

An odd thing about e-cigarettes is that there seem to be more places that allow it than regular smoking. This can be a jarring experience if you smoke cigarettes regularly. Consider moving to e-cigarettes and open up more places to smoke socially.

2. Batteries Can Be Charged Overnight

Just like a cell phone, there is no huge risk of charging an e-cigarette overnight. A high capacity battery won’t do you much good if it is on empty when you start vaping. Branded e-cigarettes have good enough circuitry to intelligently handle overcharging.

1. E-cigarettes Can Replace Regular Cigarettes

It’s not uncommon for vaping to evolve into more than a hobby. Bars and other places are built around the idea that the consumer will use e-cigarettes. Dive deep into the industry to find out just how much it has grown.

Wrap Up

Don’t waste time getting hung up on the particulars of smoking. There are a lot of fun things about the industry that will enhance your overall experience. Pick out your favorite equipment and flavors, and enjoy the new toys.

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