Everything you need to know about housekeeping and ironing


Cleaning Express has been offering top-quality housekeeping and ironing services for years. We have ensured that these cleaning services include everything our cleaning customers need. But just what do these cleaning services include? Well, we’re glad you asked! Below we’ll explore both our housekeeping services and our ironing services to let you know everything about them and why you should choose Cleaning Express for these services.

How does housekeeping differ from regular cleaning sessions?

Our regular cleaning sessions are excellent for people who need a bit of help around the home. One of our cleaners will come to your house every week for a few hours (the length of the cleaning session and how often our cleaner will visit is totally customisable to suit your needs). And they will perform any cleaning tasks you need them to do. For most regular domestic cleaning sessions, this will be dusting, hoovering, changing beds, and cleaning the kitchen, for example.

However, if you feel that regular domestic cleaning sessions are not providing you with all of the cleaning services you need, or you need additional help around the house that isn’t in the cleaner’s job description, this is where our housekeeping services come into play.

Our housekeepers can be with you for longer than our regular cleaners, so they can do more cleaning tasks for you. However, they can also do additional things for you. They can run errands, provide basic help for elderly people, provide ironing services, and a great deal more.

What makes a housekeeper different to a regular cleaner?

A typical regular house cleaning session is set up before our cleaner arrives. Cleaning Express will provide you with a checklist and ask you to fill out which cleaning tasks the cleaner needs to do during the cleaning session. When the cleaner arrives, they look at the checklist and get to work. While their time in your home is limited, our cleaners will do their best to complete every task you set them during every cleaning session.

A housekeeper, though, will be able to perform every cleaning task you set them throughout the time they are there. If you hire a housekeeper for three eight-hour sessions a week, for example, they will be able to complete all cleaning tasks, the washing, ironing and any additional errands you have.

To find out what tasks are included with our housekeeping services, you can give Cleaning Express a ring. A full range of tasks will be introduced to you. But, in short, a housekeeper can do all cleaning tasks required around the home, as well as organisation tasks, shopping, and even preparing meals.

What do ironing services include?

While most ironing services by other cleaning companies simply involve taking a pile of washing and turning it into a crease-free folded pile of clothes, Cleaning Express’ ironing services are more involved.

Firstly, we do all of the ironing in your home. This ensures that nothing is lost or damaged by removing it from your house. Our cleaners are fully trained in how to iron and fold clothes correctly. However, they will also put your clothes away once this is complete.

We understand that everyone has an order for their wardrobes and chest of drawers, and we are happy to learn how you organise your drawers and wardrobes to ensure everything is put back in the correct place.

If you aren’t comfortable with our cleaners putting your clothes away, that is completely fine. We’re happy to arrange your clothes into neat piles for each person in the house and can deliver them to each person’s room if required or leave them near the ironing board ready for you. Just like all of our cleaning services, our ironing services are designed to be customisable to suit everyone.

Can ironing be added to other cleaning services?

We’ve made sure that all of our cleaners are fully trained in all ironing techniques for all types of fabric. So, yes, ironing can be added to almost all of our cleaning services. The common cleaning services that ironing is added to is our regular cleaning sessions and our housekeeping sessions.

If you have an important event coming up and need your clothes prepared for it, never hesitate to ask one of our cleaners to help with this. They are more than happy to iron your clothes and get them ready for you.

Housekeeping and ironing services are fantastic for different reasons. If you feel you need more help around the house than a regular cleaner can provide, our housekeeping services are ideal for you. If you already have our regular cleaning sessions but would like additional help with your ironing, we’re more than happy to add this cleaning service to your package. Why not give Cleaning Express a call today to find out more about these fantastic cleaning services and how they can help you?

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Eleanor Tse
Eleanor Tse
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