Everything You Need to Know about Pesticides


Not all pesticides are created equal. Each type targets certain species of pests, based on their conduct around your property. There are some standard pesticides that can kill all kinds of pests, but there are still a few pests that fall through the cracks. In order to strike out this possibility, you can buy pesticides according to your individual requirements.

Pesticides can be grouped based on the the types of pests they kill. Therefore, before buying a pesticide, you must look into your requirements or you may seek advice from a Brisbane pest control expert to take out the guesswork.

However, this article should provide the complete information on pesticides to enable you to use it properly and safely.

Pest control at homes and offices is important to minimise the risk of structural damage pests can potentially cause. Not only this, pest infestation can be a major cause of illness among children, pets and adults alike. Pest control is really effective in keeping pests at bay and prevent future intrusions as well.

Common Pest Infestation

Without even realising it, most homeowners create breeding ground for pests, where they thrive and multiply in number to wreak havoc on their health and property. There are certain types of pests that may breed covertly in your home and rear their ugly head later. Some of the common pests are flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, bed bugs, rats and mites to name a few. All these pests carry harmful bacteria and germs that are released into the surrounding or onto your food to cause infections and respiratory discomfort.

Choosing the right pesticide

Pesticides can kill feral animals, insects, rodents, fungi and a lot other creatures that cause nuisance. If they can kill insects, what are the odds they can harm humans as well? Quite likely. So, while choosing a pesticide, your first preference should be safety. Instead of buying low-grade pesticides, which are usually harsh chemicals, spend a little extra to purchase environmentally friendly pesticides and you’ll get peace of mind for free. Such pesticides should keep you and people around you safe.

Your choice of pesticide will depend on the target animals you want to kill and non-target animals, including people, you want to keep safe. For instance, pesticides that are safer are less likely to cause casualties in an event of direct ingestion. On the other hand, ingesting harsh pesticides could land the person or pet in ICU.

Further, pesticides arrive in three different forms: solid, liquid and aerosols, where each type is designed according to the habits of target animals. For airborne pests, aerosols work best; whereas for rodents and other bigger pests, solid pesticides is the perfect choice. And, for pests that fall through the cracks, liquid pesticides can be the best remedy.

Strike out safety hazards altogether

Even if you are using environmentally friendly pesticides, you ought to be careful so that you do not end up bearing health issues. In order to stay safe, you must understand in what ways pesticides can harm non-target group.

The first possibility is oral entry. Using bare, pesticide laden hands to wipe your lips or licking it accidentally may lead to serious consequences. Other possibilities are respiratory and dermal entry, which are more likely to occur when you are using aerosols or liquid pesticide.

It is always advised to take certain safety measures to protect yourself from the unintended harm of pesticides.

  • Use safety gloves and eyewear
  • Avoid eating or drinking while applying pesticides
  • Keep pesticides out of kids’ reach.

If you are taking pest control in your own hands, always do it in someone’s company so that you could be attended immediately should something goes wrong.


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