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I’m a big reader. I’ve always loved books and reading and I’ve also always been a bit of a REAL book snob. I love holding a physical book, turning the pages, the way both old and new books smell. But I’m also realistic. With a full time job and two kids, I rarely have time to read actual books anymore. I squeeze them in occasionally, but I’ve learned that there’s no reason I can’t love both!


With eStories,  formerly eMusic Audiobooks, I can listen to my books anywhere! I have a desk job that fortunately allows me to listen while I work. Books that would normally take me weeks to read, take less than a week, just while listening at work. I love that I can then take my phone to the gym and pick up right where I left off while I’m on the elliptical or walking around the track. I can listen in the car on my way to and from work and on the hour long car rides to visit my family across the state line. 

Check out all these great features:

  • Over 90,000 titles, including Best-Sellers, Classics, Kids, Young Adult, Self-Help, Thrillers, Romance and many, many more
  • New users receive their first story for FREE
  • Works with ALL devices from ALL brands 
  • Cheaper than Audible, All You Can Books, and other audio book services, with subscriptions starting at $11.95/month
  • One account can connect to up to 10 devices so you can start a book on one device and continue on another
  • Choose to stream or download each title
  • Includes unlimited cloud storage so you don’t need additional storage
  • Transfer and upload your existing library to your new eStories account
  • Every audio book is DRM-free, meaning you can do whatever you want with it once you purchase it. 
  • Access to author bios, reviews and the ability to keep notes on your titles



Audio books aren’t just for adults either. In this digital age, with kids reading fewer physical books, they’re gravitating more and more toward e-books and audio books. They’re perfect for long car rides or general down time when they need a break from the TV and video games. I let my kids listen to a book for half an hour after bed time and my 8 year old loves telling me all about what’s happening in her books over breakfast. 

eStories subscriptions make great holiday gifts for all the book lovers on your list, or even for yourself! Try a 30-day free trial today and start checking those titles off your list! Your first two books are FREE!

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