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Children’s brain reaches 91% of its adult size by the time they hit the first grade. So, at this period of time, parents have got a window of opportunities to really help their child to explore the world. In this article, experts who provide reliable homework services for students all over the world are going to explain how to make your kid adore writing by using different kinds of activities.

Learning to tell a story and being creative with storytelling is a great exercise you can do with your kids, and we have a whole bunch of ideas and inspirations so that you can do it too. So, read the article and then choose what would really work for the skill level of your kid.

Kids at early age can acquire valuable tools for learning, communication, and self-expression. They can be developed through effective writing instruction practices that include adequate time for children to write.

From the time kids begin writing in the kindergarten, it is crucial that they are provided with explicit instructions. Not only do students need to learn to physically write letters, words, and sentences, they also need to gain an understanding of the writing process – the means through which a writer composes text. Components of the writing process include planning, drafting, sharing, evaluating, revising, editing. Kids must be taught how to engage in each of these. Here is a short list of writing activities that your child will gladly spend a couple of hours on.

Writing Activity #1: Super Sentences

It is a fantastic writing activity that helps kids to hone their writing skills. We concentrate on changing the sentence in seven different ways to practice children’s flexibility in creative writing. So, what should be done?

A teacher or a parent has to come up with one quite boring sentence. For example, “Michael ran down to the river”. The principle of the activity is to change the sentence in seven different ways to make it more exciting. These ways include adding in words, dropping in chunks of information, adding on at the beginning, adding on at the end of the sentence, changing words, adding a simile, and alliterating.

First of all, show a kid an example when your boring sentence is replaced with a more creative one. For instance, out of quite a simple sentence like “Michael ran down to the river”, you can write “Michael ran like lightning down to the river”. If this writing activity seems too hard for your kid, you can just write all seven sentences and ask a child to find where you added words, simile, etc.

Once they have practiced this, children start to build it into their repertoire of things that they can do when they are writing independently.

Writing Activity #2: Spelling Games

Having a multi-sensory spelling lesson that appeals to the various types of learner really has an impact on children’s ability to spell as well as their enjoyment of writing as a whole. We are sure you played this game during dull classes or at least have heard of this writing activity for kids. So, what are the rules?

It has never been easier. You need to come up with a word in your head and your kid have to guess the letters which they think might go in there. Child names the letters and if there is one that is not in there, you start drawing a smiley face. The kid’s goal is to guess the word before you draw a whole person. The brilliance of this game is that writing activity suits kids of all ages, you just need to vary the words and its difficulty depending on the skill level of your child.

Writing Activity #3: “Story Cubes”

For this type of writing activity, you need to buy on Amazon a product called “story cubes”. It is dice which have different pictures on each side, so you can roll them and tell a story. So, your child can come up with anything that is based on the rolls of a die. They have different kinds of sets (animals, flowers, underwater world, etc.). Thus, choose the one your child is ready to talk about for hours.

If your kid is able actually to write sentences you might want to consider “Story Stencils” set. It is stencils with a word bank on the left side of a card with all the words you can use in a story or a sentence. For example, you will find there a butterfly stencil with words like “wings”, “caterpillar”, “flutter”, “chrysalis”, “antennae”, etc. Is not it a great start for creative writing for your kid?

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