Era Organics Launches Industry Leading Skin Care Cream with Most Robust Formula Available


Era Organics has created the new Era Organics Complete, which features the most comprehensive formulation ever, and promises to be the ultimate skincare solution for almost any condition.


Skin is the largest single organ the body has, and it is the one that shields all the rest from the ravages of the environment and time itself. Understandably then, the skin is prone to conditions including dryness, wrinkles, sunburn, free radical damage and more. With so many threats, any solution needs to be comprehensive, and Era Organics’ new Complete skin care formula claims to be just that.


Newly released, the product includes all the healing qualities of hospital grade Aloe Vera, hospital grade Manuka Honey, MSM, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Blue Green Algae, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Cehami Extract to provide all the vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and essential enzymes skin needs for optimum health.


Described as a superfood for the skin, it is also toxin free, paraben free, alcohol free, fragrance free and does not have any useless fillers, water, chemicals, synthetics, mineral oil, or other useless components that inferior products regularly bloat their products with.


The product is formulated to complement the skin’s natural biology, matching the skin’s natural 5.5 PH, and instrumental in improving nearly any skin condition including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, shingles, fungal infections, athlete’s foot, razor burn, diaper rash, hives, bug bites, minor wounds, burns and sun burns, right down to dry and cracked skin. It is also great as a natural anti aging cream by keeping cells plump and well nourished, filling fine lines and wrinkles while protecting from damaging UV rays and the free radicals that cause signs of premature aging.


Unlike other lotions and creams which only traps moisture in, their cream has been proven to penetrate 7 layers deep, to the base of the skin, in order to draw moisture in.


A spokesperson for Era Organics explained, “The product is available from our online shop and people can purchase on as well. Our website features a comprehensive list of skin conditions on which the product has been tested and shown to create improvement, as well as in depth information on why these ingredients have been chosen and blended in such a way to create the ultimate easily absorbable skin nutrient mix.  We are immensely proud of the product and the feedback we have had from early customers has been nothing short of astonishing.”


About Era Organics: We are a family owned and operated company with products made in the USA. After experiencing multiple body conditions, the family decided to transform their lifestyle, starting with education and then application. A great deal of research lead them to pursue an organic, toxic free lifestyle that they want to share through products of peerless quality. For more information please visit:


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