How to Enjoy the Perfect Shower


When you are looking for a way to unwind after a long, trying day, you aren’t feeling your best, or you want to escape from it all, you have the ideal solution right in your own home. You won’t need to make any major investments or buy special equipment. Discover how to enjoy the perfect shower and feel like you have a spa waiting for you at the end of every day.

Set the Mood

Begin by creating a soothing atmosphere. Adjust the temperature in the room, ensuring that it is pleasant. Turn on soft music, burn candles, and dim the lights. Get everything ready, from your change of clothes to your towel and robe. You don’t want to be chilled once you step out from under that warm, refreshing spray.

Gather an Assortment of Toiletries

Pamper yourself. Choose a selection of shampoos and conditioners that have a delightful aroma. Don’t forget body wash and lotion. If you are turning your shower into a haven, you want to take your time and make the most of it. Be sure to experience this luxury when your day of work is done in order to fully enjoy it. Showers before work will be a quick affair and you won’t be able to relax when you are preparing for the rigors of the day ahead. When you close your day in the shower, you can devote extra attention to our entire body, using a host of products to enhance the moment.

Work from the Head Down

Before you step in, make sure the water temperature is exactly the way you like it. If you prefer lukewarm water, it will be a more invigorating experience. However, choose water that is as hot as you find comfortable in order to give your entire body a deep massage that will make you feel like you are ready to melt. Step in and begin with your hair. You want to thoroughly massage your scalp, letting the shampoo and conditioner set in your hair for at least two minutes. Once you have rinsed, you can gently scrub your skin with body wash, covering every surface. Close with a long rinse session. Prop your elbows against the wall and duck under, relishing the water fall that is coming down around you. You may even want to sit down for a while to savor the rush of the steady stream over your body. You’ll find that lingering in the warm water is especially beneficial when you have been ill or you are sore from working hard. Allow your shower to be the best medicine you could give yourself on a daily basis.

Cap Off Your Shower with More Pleasure

Once your shower is over, indulge yourself in a hot beverage and something else you truly enjoy. You might read a book, listen to relaxing music, or put on a lighthearted movie. You’ll find that you will develop a wonderful sense of calm that will carry over to bedtime. Plan your showers shortly before bed every night and you will prepare your body for a deep, restful sleep. As your body temperature begins to drop after exposure to hot water, you’ll go into a restful mode. Your stress levels will drop, your body will be soothed from head to toe, and you will be refreshed come morning.

The perfect shower is more than a way to bathe. It’s a treat that you give yourself that will enhance your entire sense of well-being. Find out what a difference a shower can make in life.


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