Electronic Versus Liquid Callus Remover: Which Is Better?


Callus removers come in all possible forms. There are electronic ones, in the form of files, liquid and so much more. All of this means that choosing the most suitable one may be a complicated task. That’s why we decided to compare electronic versus liquid callus removers. Now you are able to discover which is the best callus remover for you is.

Electronic callus removers

For most people, these units are the first choice. They come in various sizes, with different sanding discs, and with different power outputs. We also liked the design of modern units. They look better than ever before and they are very easy to use. This is just one of the advantages you will want to know about.

Electronic callus removers are extremely practical. They can be used anywhere and they can be used for a long period of time, which makes them an investment. If we know that most people have frequent issues with callus that lasts for decades, we can deduce that investing in a callus remover is essential. The next main advantage is in the fact they can be used for any body part. The sanding discs are small and they can be used for feet, hands and any other body part where callus is located.

When we take a look at the drawbacks, we can see that they require plenty of preparation to work properly. You should choose the suitable sanding disc and you should moisturize the surface before using it. They are also slightly more expensive than any other form.

Liquid-form callus removers

These products are different. They use a special compound of chemicals that will eliminate callus and reveal natural skin. Keep in mind that they are mostly developed for feet-usages so there is no need to worry. The skin on our feet is 20 times thicker than on any other part of a body.

Basically, you will have to place a bag with the chemicals over your feet. Stay in that position for the recommended time frame (each product has a different duration recommended) and remove the bag. You will notice that callus has been removed successfully. This makes liquid callus removers highly efficient and easy to use. They don’t require plenty of time and they are effective versus all types of callus.

Some drawbacks include the fact you can use this product only once. If you need it again, you will need a second package. Most of them are developed for feet only and can’t be used on other body parts. If you have a repetitive callus problem, this option may be unavailable for you.


The bottom part is that electronic callus removers are a better option if you suffer from callus on different body parts or it comes back and back again. After all, a modern device can be used for years. If you are looking for the best way to remove callus from your feet, liquid-form products are a better choice.

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