How to Get Fit Without Joining the Gym


Staying fit and healthy doesn’t always need to be an expensive past time. Gym memberships can sometimes help you achieve your fitness goals but often people end up paying for something they get bored of using. With an ever changing schedule and busy lives getting in the way of our healthy choices, making some small changes in our daily routine can mix things up a little and help change those unhealthy habits for a healthier, happier future. Daily exercise is still an important part in getting in shape but looking at the foundations of your daily food consumption and those bad habits give you a great base to get things moving in the right direction. There are plenty of things to do that don’t involve spending your hard earned cash on a gym membership. Whether that’s following workouts in the comfort of your own home or joining a local team to enjoy the social and fitness aspect of exercise, take a look at these easy ways to get fit without joining the gym.

Change your eating habits

This is one of the most important steps in losing weight and creating a healthier lifestyle. It’s fine to have treats every now and again but those daily indulgences for example; a chocolate bar with lunch or a snack before supper all add to those bad habits that are sometimes hard to break. Why not try cutting something out for a month and seeing how you get on, then perhaps try something else, before you know you won’t be thinking about those unnecessary treats and setting a path to a healthier you.

Take a walk

This is something we do day in and day out so why not mix it up a little with fun and inspiring ways. Walking not only increases our fitness levels, it can also help you de-stress and explore new places. It’s a great chance to get out and about and it’s also something you can do on your own and with friends and family. There are plenty of walking workouts online too to help boost those fitness levels but above all getting out in the great outdoors is free.

Workout at home

With hectic family and work commitments, finding the time to dedicate a trip to the gym can be difficult, so why not try a workout in the comfort of your own home? There is a wealth of fitness videos online from yoga practices to high-intensity training sessions, perfect for all levels of fitness and ability. If you have space at home, a great way to make it feel like the gym is to invest in some fitness equipment. A rowing machine is a great way to work out your whole body and up those cardio levels whilst not taking up too much space in a room.

Ride a bike

Getting out and riding a bike is something we used to do as kids all the time, so what’s changed? Well unless this is one of your favorite hobbies, cycling is another easy fitness option we often forget about. A great way to incorporate it into your daily routine is by taking your bike to work. Ok so if you work 50 miles away this is going to be a little tricky but if you’re a few miles from the office, why not hop on two wheels instead of taking the car. Not only does this help up those fitness levels, you’ll be helping the environment too.

Play sports

Playing sports for fun or on a competitive level is another fantastic way to get fit and socialize at the same time. This social interaction is great for releasing endorphins too, making you feel happier and less stressed. If joining a local team doesn’t take your fancy, why not get the family together and play a team game. If you have the space in your garden that’s great, if not head to your local public park and have a game of soccer or basketball to get that blood pumping and that competitive spirit going.

Household chores

Did you know those simple cleaning activities such as sweeping the floor or dusting can burn up to 39 calories a minute? That may not seem much compared to a jog around the park or thrashing it out at the gym but this everyday task can help burn those calories and utilize your time.

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