Dr. Cliff Show Parents How To Deal With Children’s Fear Of “Monsters In My Room”!


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Now today I also would like to share what Topic Dr. James Cliff is discussing, it’s the Monster Cure from his collection of Hack Video’s! What a great topic to discuss with your children for so many children including my own have always had a fear of Monsters in their room.
Dr. Cliff will discuss how common it is for our children to be scared of their bedrooms. Many children are so fearful thinking there could be monsters under the bed or in their closets.  There have been countless books and movies about children being scared of monsters in their room.
In this video Dr. Cliff will share some great ideas that might help your children from being so fearful about Monsters in their room.

He goes on to mention that one of the ways to help your child is by having your child or children draw a picture of the monster they fear or if they’re too small to draw on their on, ask mommy or daddy to draw the monster for them

He states to say draw a cage around their monster and add bars also, this will show your children that the monsters can’t get out. Next, add your child’s picture to the refrigerator so every time your child mentions there’s a monster in his or her room. You can show them that the monster can’t be in two places at once.

I think this is a simple buy yet effective way to helping your children overcome the fear of saying there’s a “Monster In My Room”. I’m sure it will take some time but if you follow Dr. Cliff advice overall I believe your child will forget all about those monsters.


Here’s a little introduction about Dr Cliff “Hacks” Videos
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