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14383034_121226203000Like Dora, my little Sophie has become a rock star diva. All day she has worn her new Dora Rocks Dress and listened, danced and sang to the new Dora Rocks CD, Music & More. Her favorite new song from the CD is Busca los Cascarones. She has been singing it non-stop, she even sang it the entire time we were in the grocery store today! I’m confident I could recite it myself, only it wouldn’t sound near as cute coming from my lips as it does from Sophie.

She absolutely adores her new Dora Rocks dress. I think the thing she likes most is the sparking tutu! The thing mom likes most is it’s a slip on, so Sophie can take it off and on by herself. It also has Velcro fasteners in the back, but the material is a stretch and so far Sophie hasn’t had to use the fasteners to get it on or off.

Nickelodeon has done it again. Feasibility! In my home I can’t stress this word enough, there is always a new product out and Sophie thinks she “needs” them all! This Dora Rocks Dress is a Target exclusive and is only $14.99! Frankly I was shocked and thrilled at the prices as most of her other dress-up outfits have been double that!



There are twelve songs on the new Dora Rocks CD and while Sophie has her favorite she has to listen to the entire CD until its finished all 12 tracks. The Dora Rocks CD is also a Target exclusive and only $7.99!

1. Dora the Explorer Theme 14337718_121127105636
2. Sing Along Party Finale
3. On Our Way To The Singalong
4. Busca Los Cascarones
5. Fantastic Gymnastics
6. Pet The Animals
7. Carnivores And Herbivores
8. Sea Monkey Wiggle
9. Traveling On Our Way
10. On Our Way to the Singalong (Reprise)
11. Amazing Animal Circus
12. Chasing A Ball Of String

If you have a little one that loves Dora, now is the perfect time to sweep in and get some of these fantastic pieces of the Dora Rocks collections. If you’re like me, you have a ton of birthdays in your family all year long, and oh lets not forget how Christmas is gone, and then before we know it HERE AGAIN! With these amazing prices you might want to pick up some now and save them for a later occasion.And remember Easter is just around the corner, Dora Rocks would make wonderful Easter Basket stuffers. For more of the Dora Rocks Collection you can visit your local Target or visit their online store.

For the most up-to-date information connect with Target and Nickelodeon online!

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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