DIY Summer Cleaning Tasks to Tackle While in Lockdown


No one can say for sure when COVID-19 will subside and families will be able to stop quarantining. 

From what we can tell now, many of us will still be hunkered down as summer arrives in full swing. Kids and adults will be at home pretty much full-time, as we try to slow the spread of the virus by social distancing and washing our hands frequently.

What we can say with certainty is that cleanliness at home is vital right now – and we’ve got some excellent suggestions for summer cleaning tasks you can tackle ASAP. Take a look if you’re feeling extra inspired to tidy up over the next few weeks. 

1. Deep Clean Your Floors 

Kids run inside after playing in the backyard with feet covered in dirt. Adults kick off their shoes but leave them scattered on the living room carpet. The dog runs in and out, leaving a trail of mud behind him. 

Our floors go through a lot, but most of us don’t clean them as thoroughly or as often as we should. Research shows that bacteria can live for up to four weeks in carpeting, and even hardwood floors can retain dirt, allergens, and stains. 

As we move into summer – stuck in our homes more than usual – take the time to really clean your floors. This doesn’t mean just quickly going over the rugs with a vacuum – it means eradicating the hidden dirt on all floor surfaces. 

Clean hardwood floors with proper hardwood cleaner. Sanitize your laminate or linoleum flooring with soapy water and a mop. Rent or purchase a deep steam cleaner to get those stubborn stains and smears out of your carpet.  

2. Give Your Bathrooms a Little TLC 

During the summer, most of our homes experience extra helpings of heat and humidity. For bathrooms, that can spell disaster – too much humidity can allow mold and mildew to grow in your plumbing. 

Add in the fact that the whole family is showering more often during the summer months and you’ve got a lot of moisture congregating in one room where the door is often shut. 

Don’t let fungus (or even bacteria and pathogens) find a new home in your toilet, shower, or bathroom rug. Use your time in quarantine to deep clean any carpeting in the area, change out towels and linens, and air out the room. You should also scrub floors and surfaces with disinfectants to remove any lingering contaminants. 

If you continuously notice that your bathroom gets grossly humid or hot during the summer, invest in a fan that will help dry the space out and keep the air flowing. 

3. Take Out Those Window Screens

Feel like opening your windows to get a little bit of a breeze during the summer? Think again – especially if you haven’t washed those dirty screens in months. 

Remove the screens and rinse them with water and soap. Then, leave them out to dry as you tackle the window frames. You’ll be surprised to see how much dust and debris has gathered in the nooks and crannies. In the worst-case scenario, you might even have to remove bee or hornet nests that have popped up. 

When you stick the screens back in their slots, you’ll feel much better about cracking the window for some fresh air in the coming months. 

4. Clean or Replace Your Air Filters 

If you want to protect and strengthen your immune system during this pandemic, then you can’t ignore your air vents this summer. It’s essential that you take steps to promote clean, safe air quality within your home. 

HVAC experts recommend changing your air filters at least twice a year. If you have pets, you’ll likely want to change or clean the filters every month and a half to avoid letting debris and dander pile up. 

Help your family breathe easy this summer – after all, you’ll be cooped up inside during the lockdown. Healthy indoor air is more important than ever. Fortunately, you don’t always need an expert to optimize your AC system. If you look at a thorough air conditioning guide, you’ll find a lot of it is pretty simple stuff!

5. Flip Your Mattress

Most of us know we’re supposed to flip our mattress occasionally, but when was the last time you really switched sides? 

If you haven’t done so in the past six months, it’s time to both clean and flip your mattress. Sprinkle some odor-eliminating powder on the mattress and let it sit for ten minutes. Then, vacuum the side of the mattress you’ve been sleeping on, flip it, and voila. You’ve got a like-new mattress. 

In Conclusion 

So many of us are feeling out of control and uncertain during this quarantine, but fortunately, the cleanliness of our homes is still something we can manage with confidence. 

Use these DIY summer cleaning tasks as a way to keep yourself busy and ensure your home is safe for your loved ones. The more time we spend at home, the more important it is to promote clean, healthy living environments. 


Amy McConaghy is Reliance Home Comfort’s Digital Marketing Specialist, managing the editorial, video and visual content creation for all digital platforms. Amy’s writing is focused on bringing home improvement, buying and selling as well as  money saving tips to the homeowners and answering questions about all their home comfort needs. You can find Amy on LinkedIn.

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7 months ago

Some states and countries are starting to return to normal, while others are still … It’ll quickly brighten things up, and make your home feel cleaner and fresher, and paint … cushions that are so warming at Christmas overcrowding you in high-summer.