DIY Holiday Gifts


Despite the wide variety of holiday gifts available online and in crowded malls , they all eventually start to look the same. That’s why this year, Ricoma – a leading manufactuerer of custom apparel machinery and equipment – recommends skipping the holiday rush and making personalized gifts that are bound to bring smiles on Christmas morning. 

“Rather than scouring local stores and searching online for hours, why not create unique, handmade gifts that are sure to impress,” asks Henry Ma, the company’s CEO. “With equipment like sewing machines, vinyl cutters, and heat presses, you can design customized gifts that will blow your friends and family away.”

Customized apparel makes great holiday gifts for friends and family 

Everyone adds layers to keep warm during the winter . So,  personalized cold-weather apparel is often one of the best gift ideas on Santa’s nice list. Crafters won’t even need half of the “12 days of Christmas” to stitch up cozy pairs of gloves and snug scarves using Ricoma’s iKonix Cylinder-Bed Lockstitch Sewing Machine. 

If gift-givers lack the sewing skills or time to take on handmade apparel, they can always purchase a nice beanie, pair of fleecy gloves or scarf and customize  them with Ricoma’s wide range of embroidery machines.

Another cozy  and stylish  gift idea for this chilly season is a beanie. DIY crafters can choose the softest fabric to whip up beanies with the Yamata High-Speed Zigzag Industrial Sewing Machine because zig-zag stitches are perfect for tackling stretchy knits. 

For inspiration, Ricoma’s experts demonstrate how to personalize custom beanies here.  

Somehow, ugly Christmas sweaters have become staple apparel for office parties and holiday gatherings. They once were back-of-the-closet moth-bait, but now are essential to holiday wardrobes. With the Luminaris 200 White Toner Transfer Printer, DIY crafters can make sweaters as cute and cluttered as desired.

And for the pet lovers on this year’s Christmas list, DIY crafters can’t go wrong with customized collars and leashes. Personalizing pet accessories with embroidered snowflakes, paw prints, and the pet’s name will get dogs and cats out in style this season.

The best personalized home decor for holiday gifts 

If DIY crafters are in need of a gift for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, personalized gift ideas abound. Hand towels, oven mitts, potholders, and aprons beg to be personalized with kitschy kitchen sayings and graphics.  

A gift of a cozy blanket will look great draped over anyone’s comfy couch. As they snuggle under it on chilly winter evenings, they’re bound to think of the crafter who chose just the right shade of fabric and stitched it together on the iKonix High-Speed Five-Thread Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine or purchased a ready-made fluffy throw and embroidered it with heart-felt graphics.

A gift of custom holiday decals looks fantastic on frosty Christmas windows. Crafters can design snowflakes, nativity scenes, and snowmen decals in seconds with the RCP-6301 25” Vinyl Cutter.  

Window decals aren’t the only option for crafty gift-givers with vinyl cutters this year. Hot chocolate mugs, cookie platters, and candle holders can all be customized with seasonal pictures and messages. 

Embroidered Christmas ornaments are another decoration that never go out of fashion. Ricoma’s embroidery machines offer crafters an easy way to churn out freestanding lace ornaments in the shapes of angels, snowflakes, and pine trees.

The best gifts come from the heart. For more DIY ideas, crafters can check out Ricoma’s blog covering 50 customized Christmas presents.

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MR Jems
MR Jems
1 year ago

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1 year ago

Custom holiday decals look great on frosty Christmas windows. With the RCP-6301 25″ Vinyl Cutter, crafters can create snowflakes, nativity scenes, and snowmen decals in seconds.

Mary Pino
Mary Pino
1 year ago

We also bought gifts and decided to congratulate our relatives. we flew to Orlando and rented a car at the airport, because we have many gifts and many things, because we plan to spend with relatives.

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