Daycare Violations: 5 Red Flags All Parents Should Watch For


Choosing a daycare is a personal choice that every parent must make for their children.

For weeks, months, or even years, we’re entrusting other adults to watch our children. While we’d like to assume that every daycare we encounter is reputable, this simply isn’t the case.

In fact, parents may unknowingly enroll their children in a place that ignores daycare violations.

To avoid this from happening to you, we’ve provided you with five red flags to look out for.

The Daycare is Unsanitary

A daycare may look nice when you scroll through the pictures on their website, but you won’t know until you visit.

Keep a close eye on how concerned daycares are with cleanliness and safety. This means more than looking at the floors and surfaces to see if they’re tidied up.

Take a look at the ceiling for stains or water leaks. It’s not only unsightly, but you don’t want your child breathing in air from moldy ceilings.

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The Child-to Adult-Ratio is Disproportionate

There’s nothing wrong with daycares that are a little bigger, but you want to make sure the daycare is sufficiently staffed.

In fact, daycares must have a certain ratio of children to adults. Laws may vary from state to state, but you can check daycare violations in California to make sure.

The Daycare is Unaccredited 

Not all unaccredited daycares are bad, but the best ones are accredited. This is because they likely have educational opportunities that will prepare them for Kindergarten.

When browsing daycare websites, see if they’re accredited by Cognia, National Early Childhood Program Accreditation, or the National Accreditation Commission. 

Daycare Licensing Violations

Daycare licensing violations are easy to overlook if you don’t know how to look up daycare violations.

Hopefully, the daycare’s license should be on display somewhere when you visit. If it isn’t, be sure to ask if you can see it.

If they ignore daycare licensing violations, they may not have proper emergency exits or follow food service protocol, for example. Additionally, employees must have CPR training and background checks.

The Children Are Bored or Mistreated

Daycare should be a fun place for kids to learn and interact with each other. Is the staff taking enough initiative to make sure the kids are both behaved and entertained?

Even if the staff seems competent, are there enough toys for everyone to share? Are they planning activities or classes that encourage physical and mental growth?

When you visit, observe how much the kids seem to be enjoying themselves

Being Weary of Daycare Violations

Finding the perfect daycare can be nerve-wracking. Parents must choose from one out of many, hoping it’s the right fit and that their children will be in good hands.

Even if a daycare seems okay on the surface, they might actually have daycare violations. As long as you look for all the red flags, though, you should be able to find a reputable daycare.

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