Crib Bedding Trend, Gender Neutral Crib Bedding a Guide for My Child


cribbedding1My husband wanted to get to the market and buy crib bedding just because I was seven months pregnant. I did not like the idea because I felt there were so many things that were to put into consideration before getting to the market choices. First, I had my color choice and second, my unborn baby has color preferences also. I also felt that we needed to buy after the child’s birth so as to honor the child in his or her presence. Unfortunately, several ultra-sound tests had not revealed reliable results whether we were to expect a baby boy of a baby girl. This was the most important guideline to purchasing a baby’s crib bedding. Was the crib to be bought male or girlish? Luckily, he listened to my important issues that I had raised including the crib bedding trend. We therefore decided to conduct an intensive research to identify the right type of crib to buy for our unborn child. Our research included reading relevant books, magazines, blogs, internet searching and enquiring from friends and families who were close to us. Luckily, we received new insights that we didn’t have at first, and that was purchasing gender neutral crib bedding for my unborn baby.

My Crib Bedding Trend, Gender Neutral Crib Bedding Would Serve Me Again

I had decided to bring up more than one child and there is no way I could determine the sex of each child, but I had a way of determining the type of crib bedding they would use. It is this understanding that made me convince my husband that we needed a crib bedding not only for the unborn child but also for the other we intend to have in the future.  Crib bedding trend wasn’t a major issue because it involved getting to know the latest, stylish, modern and fashionable in the market. Anyway crib bedding has to follow a certain trend for it to be fashionable. My baby’s crib bedding trend would be beautiful and well decorated to give a lovely impression of a caring and loving mother. Bearing in mind, most people would be visiting us after the birth of our first born meant a lot to the selection of our baby’s crib bedding. Another task that was still ahead of us was identifying the color of the crib bedding. Babies have different temperaments and it’s quite difficult to tell what temperaments they may expose. That was beyond my capacity, and that’s why I decided in buying her everything that would make my baby feel appreciated, loved and catered for. My husband was a bit worried about its delivery and fixing after purchase, thus we eliminated distributers on the basis of their past experience with clients. We were aware that some distributers fail to deliver the item on time after purchase has been made. After purchase, the crib was fixed within 30 minutes and we were very happy. At times my baby would make movements in the womb, especially when I talked good of it. I was sure, I was going to get wonderful baby.


I wanted everything go Gender Neutral Crib Bedding

The more I looked around I found that I needed nothing that would suggest the sex of the baby. In my research I realized that there are a lot of baby supply chains that are coming out with some of the brightest and boldest colors that I could never have imagined of. There are a new wave of turquoise, lime, coral and even silver shades that are being put into a lot of the gender neutral crib bedding and nursery accessories that are just too cute. I do understand that bright colors stimulates the minds of the baby’s mind, so I thought I was actually jumping into this new trend if I had to get a child in few months. Gender neutral crib bedding actually meant every color of the rainbow. Okay, I may be exaggerating. But when my husband and I got to the store, the first crib sheet set grabbed was tangerine. I was so glad the stores had a selection for unisex only. As we moved along I made several stops because there were several other factors I would put into consideration. I needed convertible crib bedding that would also fit to my house corridors and doorways. I wanted to be close to my child every time.


Crib Bedding Trend, Gender Neutral Crib Bedding Was the New Fashion

To be sincere, I realized that gender neutral crib bedding was actually the new trend in the market. I noted that quite a trend that most people preferred and actually bought the gender neutral colors. This is the trend that my husband had not understood for all that long. I actually told him that even if we knew the sex of our child it would be advisable to go for the unisex items. So we agreed to follow the trend on the basis that that crib bedding can be used by our second child or we can comfortably give it to another person regardless of the sex of the child. We therefore ensured that anything we bought to be associated with the gender neutral crib bedding was composed of colors that represents both sexes.

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