CBD Dabs: Are They Worth Trying?


CBD has been the self-medication success story of this decade, emerging into popular culture after many years in the background when it was used by only a few core fans. This is likely because people have been looking for a product which delivers many of the benefits of marijuana without the complications of getting high or breaking the law.

Now there are legions of ordinary people who use CBD regularly to relieve chronic pain or to manage conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to epilepsy and diabetes.

Ways to use CBD oil
There are several options when it comes to actually getting CBD into your system. The oil can be added to food and drinks like smoothies or juice blends, taken in a tincture (drops under the tongue), applied in a cream directly to the skin, vaped, or swallowed in a capsule. However, one of the most popular current methods is to use CBD as a ‘dab’. This was just a quick overview of dabbing with CBD, but to read the complete buyer’s guide on how to dab CBD, we suggest checking out the latest article on Nature & Bloom.

What are CBD dabs?
Dabbing is a term used to describe the process where CBD – having been made into either a powder or a concentrate is heated to produce a flash vapor which is inhaled. The name ‘dabbing’ refers to the way the CBD user ‘dabs’ the concentrated product onto the hot pipe which they inhale from.

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Let’s look at the pros and cons of dabbing so you can decide if it is something you may like to try.

The pros of CBD dabs

  • The CBD concentrates used in dabbing are very strong, so you really don’t need to use much to get the effect you are looking for.
  • There are lots of concentrate options to choose from, such as isolate (powder), and shatter (which can have additional compounds added to benefit the user).
  • CBD in isolate form can be sprinkled on pretty much any food product for easy consumption. (Ideal if you don’t want to buy the equipment needed for traditional dabbing.)

The cons of CBD dabs

  • As the concentrate has such a high level of CBD it is expensive.
    Not ideal for those very new to CBD products due to the powerful reaction.
    You need to have several key pieces of equipment to dab (the usual/traditional way.)
  • As well as your CBD extract you will also need a water pipe, a nail (usually made from titanium), a dome, a torch (the type used to brown food is fine) and finally the dabber, which could be glass, metal or ceramic. (Your equipment will need to be cleaned regularly, so choose items you can wash easily).
  • Not all CBD product suppliers use the best methods to create their dabs, so take care to look for information on this, as well as on independent testing of a product before you buy.

CBD dabs are definitely worth trying if you already have some experience of CBD and are looking for a faster or more powerful response.  Plus the ritualistic process of dabbing can be very relaxing and soothing.

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