Can You Install An Undermount Sink On Laminate Countertops?


The world of kitchen sinks is diverse. Undermount, farmhouse, and drop-in sinks are the most common options for homeowners planning to revamp their kitchens. 

When undermount sinks first entered the market, they were on the pricey side. Also, the installation of these sinks was considered difficult. But nowadays, the professionals are now comfortable installing these sinks, so the prices have also become affordable.

However, there are several misconceptions and confusion regarding undermount sinks among the homeowners. If you are also struggling to find the right info and make a decision, keep reading this post. Here, we will answer the questions such as can you undermount a sink on laminate countertops or not, what are the pros and cons of undermount sinks, and much more. 

Let’s begin!  

What is an undermount sink? 

An undermount sink is the type of sink attached to the underside of a kitchen counter. It is held in place using high-quality anchor posts secured carefully by strong adhesive or screwed tightly into the counter’s underside.  

Can you install an undermount sink with laminate countertops? 

Many people say that undermount sinks are not made for laminate counters. But that’s not correct at all! Yes, you CAN install an undermount sink with laminate counters. All you need is a professional with extensive experience and you are good to go. These sinks can be installed underneath any counter be it laminate, quartz, or other materials. 

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As you already have the answer to your question, can you undermount a sink on laminate countertops? Let’s explore a few other important factors before you make an investment: 

Do undermount sinks require sealing and support? 

The shorter answer is, YES. Installation with proper sealing and support is the key to preventing leakage and other undermount sink installation glitches. Usually, screws or two-part epoxy adhesives are used for support. Next, it is sealed with a silicone-based caulk all around the perimeter. 

What are some material options for undermount sinks for kitchen countertops?  

The most popular undermount sink material options include the following:  

1. Stainless steel undermount sink 

18-gauge brushed 303 stainless steel undermount sinks are one of the top choices among homeowners. These sinks are provided with a sound barrier pad on the bottom side, which helps prevent any unwanted noise. Also, this pad protects the sink’s base. Steel undermount sinks are available in various sizes and finishes.  

2. Quartz undermount sink 

Quartz is a wonderful material with a luxurious appeal, and the undermount sinks made with this material will uplift the look of your laminate counters. Quartz is a strong material and is available in several colors and design options to complement the unique theme of your kitchen. 

Quartz undermount sinks are easy to clean and don’t require any special cleaners. All you need is a dish cleaner and a soft sponge to keep the stains away. 

3. Acrylic undermount sink 

If you are searching for an economical option, then you can go for acrylic kitchen sinks to pair with your laminate counters. Usually, they are available in white or pastel colors. They are non-porous and hence are easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about abrasions and scratches during the cleaning process; just use your regular scrubber, and all stains will be gone. 

Moreover, if there are any coffee and tea stains, simply use your spray bleach and scrub gently to get rid of the stains. These acrylic sinks are durable and can easily withstand high temperatures.  

Pros of installing undermount sinks in your kitchen 

  • Ideal for saving countertop space 

With undermount sinks, homeowners can extend their kitchen counters all the way to the sink. Homeowners with smaller kitchen spaces can make the best use of every possible square inch with the help of these sinks.  

  • Appearance  

Undermount sinks are perfect for achieving a sleek, contemporary, and more streamlined appeal to your kitchen.  

  • Increase your property’s resale value 

Since undermount sinks are not widely used, they are considered a unique element to any home, and hence the resale value of your property increases.  

  • Hygienic 

As there is no rim, there is no requirement for a silicone bead seal around the kitchen sink. The silicone usually encourages the growth of mold or bacteria.  

  • Easy to clean 

These sinks are super easy to maintain due to the absence of lip. So, you can sweep water, and other food remains straight into the undermount sink without any worries. 

  • Wide variety 

When it comes to undermount sinks, homeowners get a diverse range of options with different shapes and sizes. Moreover, these sinks come in several colours, depending on the material you choose. A wide variety is a great advantage when you have a specific kitchen theme in your mind. 

Cons of installing undermount sinks in your kitchen 

Check out these cons before installing undermount sinks: 

  • Hard to replace 

As a matter of fact, a custom hole is required into the counter before the installation of undermount sinks. That’s why it can be quite hard to change or replace the sink later on. 

  • Overflow risk 

Sometimes we can forget to turn the sink faucet off, which can result in water overflowing, especially in the case of an undermount sink, as these kitchen sinks don’t have specific rims to prevent the water from flowing. If water overflows for too long, it can affect the strength of the cement that holds your kitchen sink.  

  • Improper installation can lead to massive failure.

Undermount sinks are extremely difficult to install, so if you do it yourself or hire a novice for the installation, you may have to face some issues like serious leakage, poor alignment, etc.  

Important things to consider before installing undermount sinks in your kitchen 

Can you have an undermount sink with laminate countertops? Yes – as you already know!

However, some aspects should be kept in mind for a flawless and long-lasting undermount sink.  

First, ensure that there is proper support for the sink. If your laminate countertop lacks strength, it won’t be able to hold the weight of the sink. Imagine how much weight a sink carries along with the water and daily utensils. If the support is not proper, the sink or counter can collapse.  

Another key point is to hire a professional for the installation. Always ask about their expertise and experience, especially with the undermount sink on laminate counters.  

Takeaway – Can you undermount a sink on laminate countertops? 

Technically, yes, you can have an undermount sink on your laminate kitchen counters.  

The look and convenience offered by the undermount sinks are the key reason behind their popularity. However, if you follow some cautions that come with these sinks, you can make them long-lasting and boost the value of your residential property.  

Reviewing all the factors, including the pros and cons of undermount sinks, can help you figure out whether it’s a potential candidate or not. If your answer is no, don’t worry, there are several options that can fit your needs flawlessly, farmhouse, and drop-in sinks, for instance. 

Happy kitchen remodeling!

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