8 Ways to Completely Transform Your Living Space


If you’re thinking of giving your living space a makeover, it can be challenging to know where to start. When you watch all those renovation shows, they make it look so easy! The key is to start things slowly and try not to get too in over your head. Sometimes simple changes can be the most effective.

In this article, we are going to discuss eight ways to transform your living space.

Let’s get started!

Rearrange your furniture

One of the most cost-effective and straightforward ways to transform any space is to rearrange what you already have. The best way to do this is to balance everything out as much as possible. For example, a larger piece of furniture should have a similar item across the room or a cluster of smaller objects. Remember, the aim is to enhance the natural space. Sometimes this may even mean you need to take something away.

Design new walls

While the walls can often be forgotten about, they can significantly enhance the space. Even just a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, a wood accent wall can also be a great choice. If you don’t want to pull out a paintbrush or toolset, then try looking at installing shelving, hanging tapestries, or putting up some statement art. You would be amazed at the life it can bring to the area.

Make it homey

One of the most important things in a home are all of the little quirks that make it unique. It could be your favorite piece of décor or a painting you did as a child. By making the space homey, you can take away that clinical feeling and instantly feel more relaxed. One way to do this is to create a gallery wall of your favorite photos and memories. 

Not only will it decorate the space, but it will also make it your own.

Change your color scheme

Another way to transform your living space is to change up your color scheme. If the area is feeling a little dull, incorporating some light blues, greens and pastels can instantly make the space more refreshing. This could be as simple as changing up your décor, pillows, and throws, or you could purchase new furniture and paint. The options are endless!

Add some greenery

Plants are lovely creatures, and they even come with great benefits, such as cleaning your indoor air! By placing them around your room, you can freshen up the space while strengthening your health at the same time. Some of the most popular indoor plants include mass cane, peace lily, maidenhair fern, and sansevieria. However, there are so many different varieties to choose from.

DIY some table décor

Décor can quickly become expensive, but it can be a great asset to your home. Instead of hitting the shops, try and find some DIY table décor ideas that are cheap and easy to make. From turning mismatched jars into planters to making your own candles and tv trays, there are some great options. Alongside this, most of the time, you can find the materials in your own home. It’s a win-win!

Install new lighting

While you might not think it, the way that a room is lit can have a significant impact on its atmosphere. For example, warmer lights tend to promote calmness, while brighter lights can help improve productivity. If your living space is feeling a bit dull, updating your lighting can add both style and practicality, but don’t forget to take advantage of natural light too! Opening up the curtains can bring in some sunshine to warm up the space.

Layer different textures

Textural elements in a space are very important and can immediately make a flat room enjoyable. From the texture of the walls to scattered cushions and throws, layering them together can be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. However, it’s important to understand that less is more. Layering too many things like heavy rugs and tapestries can clutter the space and overstimulate the senses.

And that’s it! By taking into consideration all of the above, you can create a wonderful living space without making extreme changes. While it might seem a little overwhelming at first, all you need to do is assess the area, work with the space you have, and choose a style theme that resonates with your personality. After shuffling things around and trying new things, you would be amazed at how simple it can really be.

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Andrew Shane
Andrew Shane
3 years ago

you can hang some memorable event flyer in your living space to give a creative touch to the wall.

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3 years ago

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