What You Can Do If Your Insurance Provider Unfairly Denies Your Claim


It doesn’t matter if you’re splitting the bills with a significant other or caring for a family on your own – finding that you have been denied for a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy is the last thing you want to hear. Moms who have become homeowners carefully perform many different types of risk comparisons prior to agreeing to pay on a mortgage for a home that costs many times more than their annual salaries.

Home insurance companies are often picked for their comprehensive customer service options and positive standings in the community, so it can be a bit baffling to get word that a timely submitted claim is not going to be covered. While a home insurance claim denial will complicate plans, realize that you have not yet received the final word. Here are the best steps that moms can take when their homeowner’s insurance providers don’t appear to be playing by the rules.

Ask for a Written Explanation

Although policyholders are required to read over their insurance documents and avoid engaging in reckless behaviors that might create issues when a claim is filed, sometimes gaps in coverage aren’t covered until it is too late. After it has been determined that your insurance company doesn’t intend to pay out on a claim, you have the right to request a full and thorough explanation.

What you hear on the phone from a representative may differ from what is detailed on your insurance claim denial, so get a written copy as well as the name of insurance adjuster who has been handling your claim.

Make a Call to Your State Insurance Commissioner

If you have read your insurance policy and truly think that a serious mistake has been made then you can go to your state insurance commissioner for support. Insurance companies have to respond to inquiries from state insurance commission boards and explain why claims are denied or pay less than what’s promised in a policy. Since insurance providers can be fined and even banned from writing new policies in a state where they have been found to be negligent, insurers are generally quick to provide supporting details.

Find a Legal Expert Who Can Contact Your Home Insurance Company on Your Behalf

Sometimes home insurance companies will deny claims when they are taking a large amount of loss in a particular area. Many times, insurance claims that are unfairly denied remain uncontested because homeowners don’t want to get lawyers involved or even understand that they have additional rights. Let your attorney find out if other moms have had issues with having their claims paid out by the same insurance provider, or if there are other patterns that may determine what the most common denominator is. You’ll want to know if your claim denial was a form of discrimination or if the insurer just believed that it could get out of paying on your individual claim.

Homeowners who have gone through a catastrophe believe that their insurance companies will be able to make everything right again. When you’ve made your claim and have been waiting for a decision, learning that you have been denied can be an unforeseen setback. Although it will be hard to deal with home repairs for the time being, know that having a home insurance claim denied doesn’t mean that you have heard the final word.

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