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As the weather improves and the sun makes itself known, a person would be hard-pressed not to spot at least one child riding a bicycle. They can be found on any stretch of solid land, sliding their wheels over sidewalks and hugging any and all curbs they come across. They might take on this activity alone, or they could experience it with friends; however they choose to do it, it would be difficult to argue that they do not enjoy doing it. Sadly, children are killed or seriously injured each year in the United States while riding a bike. If they are killed, it is usually due to a traumatic brain injury, an injury that could be prevented by wearing a helmet.

Helmets Do Not Have To Be Boring

A trip to a local store can attest to the fact that the variety of helmets available is endless. If they so choose, kids can pick a helmet that features their favorite movie character, or something with a color that they really like. If a parent would prefer not to spend money, or they have a tight budget, they can get a helmet from a local children’s safety organization. Should they be confused about how to get one, they should seek help. Once a helmet has been obtained, the child should be told that they should have their helmet on every time they ride their bike. It does not matter if they are only riding a short distance away from the house; this is not something that is up for debate. The helmet should be introduced at an early age, and every member of the family should have one.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Also known as CPSC, the Consumer Product Safety Commission sets certain standards for bicycle helmets. The purchaser should keep an eye out for their special sticker as they look at helmets, as this will ensure that a child is wearing something that follows the guidelines.

Helmets Should Fit Well

A bicycle helmet should always be a proper fit. If the helmet moves from side to side, it is not safe. The chin strap and buckles should also be secure. A helmet is meant to take the brunt force of impacts; it is essential that the bicycle helmet stay in place.

Great for the Whole Family

Children enjoy riding their bike surrounded by family members. This is an opportunity to showcase good safety habits, and each member of the family should put on a helmet before riding begins. Children should be taught about the rules of the ride, such as using hand signals to indicate what they will be doing to drivers. They should also be told to be careful at crosswalks, taking the time to listen for cars. Backpack straps and other items that can get tangled in bicycle wheels should also be discouraged to prevent injuries. Above all, staying alert is a skill that must be learned.

By following the rules and getting the whole family to work together, a child is more likely to wear a bicycle helmet, reducing their chances of a brain injury.

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