Best Weekend Holiday Breaks from Washington DC


When you are planning for a holiday outside Washington DC, you have the opportunity to explore the Eastern United States entirely. Apart from traveling to these destinations by car, the city has decent connectivity by train to New England and the North East. Washington does connect to Boston by Acela high-speed train with 14 halts in between.

There’s a lot that you should explore that includes the following:

  • Visit the museums
  • Learn about some history in Harpers Ferry town in West Virginia
  • Taste some delicious cuisine of Manhattan
  • Adventure with mountain biking and rural hiking
  • Theatre performance in the Broadway shows

The weather in Washington DC during summer is very humid and warm. Winters are also extreme. All the year-round WDC weather is partly cloudy. Typically, the temperature ranges from 29 F to 88 F and does not go down from 17 F or go beyond 96 F. Check the weather through sites like tomorrow’s weather before making any travel plans.

The DC area also gives you access to many beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. You have many choices that are under two hours’ drive from the city.

There are also many holiday resorts surrounding Washington DC where your weekend becomes exciting with various activities and amenities. The Greenbrier Resort located in West Virginia is the best for families to enjoy the activities spreading over 11,000 acres. Goodstone Inn is a romantic country house resort especially for couples in Middleburg, Virginia.

Weekend Holiday Destinations from Washington DC

1. New York City

If getaways are what you are planning from Washington, the very first destination should be New York. It cannot be ignored and will always be your top three priorities on the list. You can reach Penn station in Manhattan from Union Station Washington within 3 hours by Acela express train.

There are some other activities for everyone in NYC to explore. They are Broadway shows or tasty cuisines in well-known restaurants, and even spending your complete trip visiting different museums.

2. Old Town Alexandria

On the other side of River Potomac is the old city of Alexandria which is the home of many DC workforce. To reach the city is very easy as it is a short drive or you can take a train via Metro.

The area of the old town building got converted with over 100s of locally-owned restaurants and shops. The main attraction of Alexandria is the stretch of King Street, with sidewalks made of red bricks and streets of cobblestone.

3. Gettysburg

Gettysburg is just an hour and a half road trip from Washington. It is a battle site where the civil war took the main turning point. Gettysburg Memorial Battlefield National Park is situated in the South of Pennsylvania and is a moving place.

Reaching Gettysburg from the soothing area of Pennsylvania Dutch Country will take you an hour. Both of them make an unforgettable getaway. Pennsylvania Dutch country is known for rural farming and has several places for tourist interest.

4. Ocean City, NJ

If you are looking to travel with your family to a beach getaway, a drive of 3 hours to the Ocean City of New Jersey is the best option. Although it only takes 2 hours to reach Ocean City, Maryland, the resorts of NJ preserve its family feel of small-town. The town is a century-old founded as the location for church retreats.

You will not find sales of alcohol as it is a family-friendly town. Most of the businesses have holidays on Sunday for family time and worship.

The town has no star-resorts but has motels and some small hotels with a wide delightful beach. The beachfront has a classical 2.5-mile length wooden Broadwalk and accompanies ice-cream stands, restaurants, amusement parks, and shops.

5. Harpers Ferry

The city in West Virginia is an hour and a half away from Washington. It’s where the rivers of Shenandoah and Potomac meet. Well-known for its part in the history of the Civil War. This city is a famous destination where you can enjoy several outdoor activities and also its scenic beauty.

6. Philadelphia

The city is a great place to explore on the weekends, and you can reach Philadelphia within 2 hours by train. This ancient city has everything from great restaurants to museums and some history of the Colonial American Era.

7. The Greenbrier

This West Virginia massive resort is a fabulous weekend destination on its own. Initially, it was a hotel site built in 1778. Now it is transformed into a massive luxury resort spread across 11,000 acres. You can do many things in the Greenbrier. It is a perfect place for couples in search of romantic experiences, single travelers, and families.

The resort has hosted 27 US presidents and many International Celebrities and Royals. There is a range of activities available, the most popular are horse riding, fishing and golfing. Movie theatre and bowling alley are also part of this massive resort.

The resort is in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and you can drive down from Washington that takes around 4 hours. You can also get into the Amtrak Cardinal train to reach the resort. The traveling time is six hours from Union Station.

Plan a Weekend Getaway Near Washington DC

It is a requirement for everyone to explore new places. Washington DC does give you that opportunity. It is not only restricted to entertainment activities but also brings to the table some remarkable history. The getaway places around WDC are easy to travel to and without any stress on your holiday.

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