Basics Of Using A Dry Herb Vaporizers For Beginners


One of the most popular products on the marijuana market is the dry herb vaporizer, which is usually used amongst many new and old users for a variety of reasons. It’s popular, affordable, and a lot healthier than most methods of consumption. The reason behind that is because most methods of consumption rely on some form of combustion which is harmful to the body as it releases harmful toxins into the body. If you are new to marijuana then you might not know how to use one, so here are a few basic steps to get started. 

The Different Devices

There are many devices that you can use when it comes to dry herb vaporizers, a few of which include the pen vaporizer, desktop vaporizer, and portable vaporizer, and you can view most, if not all, at MagicVaporizers and other online stores. The main difference between them is the fact that they have different sizes and charging capabilities. For example, when it comes to the pen vaporizer, it’s quite thin as a pen and usually comes with some sort of battery that you insert into the vaporizer which has a limited amount of energy. The portable dry herb vaporizer is slightly bigger than the pen vaporizer and has a large chamber to insert the herbs and some have rechargeable batteries that you can insert into them. Desktop vaporizers are a lot bigger and need to be plugged into work but the great thing is you can use a lot more herb which enables you to do group sharing. They all operate differently, but we will focus on the normal dry herb vaporizer and how it works.

Grind The Marijuana

You have to grind the marijuana, as this will affect the taste and quality of the herb and can also affect the longevity of the dry herb vaporizer which you are busy using. In terms of how it should be ground, you should try to use an actual grinder or do it manually with scissors or a knife. The reason why this is important is that when the dry herb vaporizer heats the herb, you want to make sure that there aren’t big chunks in its way which may block you from receiving the high you want. In terms of what it should look like when ground, try to make sure it’s ground quite finely.

Stack Properly

Next, you have to stack the chamber properly, so in other words, what this means is that you have to make sure that there isn’t too much herb but that there also isn’t too little. Too much herb will clog the dry herb vaporizer and be ineffective but too little herb can also cause a lot of problems as the heat will only reach certain parts of the herb. In terms of how it should be packed, the methods work differently for convection and conduction, and the reason why is because each heating method works differently. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have some knowledge before you stick yourself in the deep end.

Select A Temperature

You have to select a temperature that is not too high or too low if you truly want to enjoy the best of your expense. With regards to what this affects, the flavor of the herb is affected greatly by this setting which is the exact reason why choosing the correct temperature is important. Each vaporizer works differently so make sure to read the instruction manual and clue yourself up on what you need to do beforehand and which temperature you should set in.

These are the basics of using a dry herb vaporizer, but you also shouldn’t forget about certain things such as making sure you regularly clean your vaporizer. A dirty vaporizer can become damaged a lot faster than one which is cleaned regularly. On top of that, the taste of your herb is greatly affected by whether or not you clean it.

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Kate J
1 year ago

Good article! I am a beginner and this article really helps me! Except for dry herb vaporizers, I think cannabis oil vaporizers also need an article to introduce!