Are you ready for your Project Mc2 Dolls mission?


Personally, I do not like to get toys for my kids that are not either educational or stimulating in some way. I think it is important to ask yourself a couple questions when choosing what they will occupy their time with.

Will they learn something from playing with this toy? 

I always want my kids learning and growing. if they learn just one thing from that one toy then I am happy.

Will they stimulate their mind in some way?

Having an active imagination is HUGE in the development in children. If a toy is not stimulating their mind then honestly, what is the point?


Both of my questions were answered when my daughter received the Project Mc2 Dolls.What is Project Mc2 all about? Well it is a new line for kids that is focused on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) learning and fun. The show focuses on four friends who work as undercover spies at a school in the US, Maywood Glen Academy. Each of the girls have specific characteristics, and are all geniuses at school and science.

  • Bryden Bandweth (B2) the computer specialist who tweets, live streams, and Instagram’s her way through life – “ Stand back I’m trending”
  • McKeyla McAlister (M2) the original undercover gal, Eco-warrior and book worm – “I’m smart. Get over it.”
  • Adrienne Attom (A2); a chemistry chick, who is Spanish as her father is a diplomat. She cooks up a storm with her pills and potions – “Pretty Brilliant.”
  • Camryn Coyle (C2); the inventor in the group. There is nothing she can’t put together in her garage – “Nailed it.”


My Daughter loves the Bryden Doll because it came with a Make your own light up bracelet just using safe household ingredients like water. The bracelet’s hidden wires contain charged particles called electrons, but the wires are not connected and the electrons have nowhere to go. Impurities in water such as salt, also contain charged particles called ions. Once you add water to the bracelet, those ions help complete the electrical circuit by giving the electrons a path to travel. The electrical current can now flow through the bulbs and light them up! 

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