Are You Buying Diamonds in Singapore? Three essential factors to consider


Most women who are or are about to get engaged, get busy with choosing their engagement rings. Every woman would prefer a diamond as it is one of the best phases of her life. Diamond rings in chic designs and unique cuts are making already making the news. And the best part is, that there’s something for everyone to browse and select. Modern-day reputed jewelry brands customize diamond engagement rings based on people’s preference and budget too.

One of the famous diamond ring cuts that have become popular today is the cushion cut. It has been a popular choice of eminent media personalities. And with a proper selection, you can have it too! The online brands today provide several cushion-cut diamond ring designs to opt-in for. You can browse through Jannpaul cushion cut diamond engagement ring designs to know more on the same and select your design.

There are ways in which you can opt-in for the best cushion cut diamonds! You consider the three aspects discussed below:


  • Consider multiple shape choices


Usually, the cushion cut diamond can be rectangular or square. It has beveled edges along with round corners. Due to its form, they often get compared to pillows and cushions. Generally, the traditional cushion cuts are square and are available in a broad mix of shapes. You also have the choice to select the shape you want by changing the width to the length ratio on the stone. If you want a perfect square cut, you can choose a length and width ratio that measures 1 to 1.05. If the measurement moves that, the diamond shape would resume a rectangle, like that of an emerald shape.


  • Two design types to select from


The modern-day cushion cut diamond rings are available in two types, such as the modified and standard cushion cuts. Generally, the standard cut is the main faceting pattern for a cushion cut. This design has been around for some time. On the other hand, the modified cushion cut diamonds are a new age version of the same. You will take time to identify the difference between both, as it’s minimal. There will be no extra difference marked on the stone. Hence, you can select anyone you like. You can choose the chunky cushion as well as crushed ice cushion cut diamond ring.


  • Make sure that you stay away from bad cuts


Today, a few sets of cushion cut diamonds get cut from very low-quality rough diamond. It further gets cut into low quality stone chunks. The result can be stones looking less sparkling, poorly proportioned and can also be very shallow, save the rough diamond. The lab reports aren’t able to give you the specifications about the diamond cut. You might take time to know if it’s crushed ice or chunky cushion diamond cut. Hence, it is always beneficial to identify the wrong cuts and stay away from it as much as possible.

Purchasing or customizing a cushion cut diamond ring is not an ordeal. You need to implement the correct measures and properly analyze the stones. There’s always a professional help at hand. However, as you start the selection process, you can also refer to these three factors mentioned above.  

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