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Have you ever played the board game Clue? It is a popular staple of family fun trying to determine that Mrs. Peacock committed murder most foul in the conservatory with a candlestick as her weapon of choice.

Have you ever taken a train and experienced the allure of a bygone era on the rails as the beautiful scenery outside passes slowly by your window? Traveling by train invokes nostalgic feelings and hearkens back to a simpler time before airplanes when passengers could move about freely while en route to their destination at a more leisurely pace that allowed a more intimate view of the countryside.

Does merging the intrigue of a murder mystery with the nostalgia of train travel make you want to become Detective Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s classic Murder on the Orient Express? If so, then an outing on holiday dinner trains near Miami-Dade county may be right up your alley. Below are some reasons why riding a holiday dinner train with a mystery theme offers a truly unique entertainment experience.

Scenic Views of Landscapes

Since themed dinner trains travel at a lower speed than cars zipping along the highway or planes flying thousands of feet overhead, you will have access to a more intimate view of the surrounding countryside while riding the rails. Moreover, many such trains can take you to scenic or historic locations that are not always accessible by car.

Gourmet Dinner

Themed dinner trains offer a truly fine dining experience that rivals what you can experience in an upscale restaurant. The typical dinner will probably consist of a 4- to 5-course meal with coffee and alcohol service and a dessert cart that is sure to tempt your sweet tooth.

Meet New People

Many themed dinner trains are set up to serve the meal at a table for four which was the traditional seating arrangement during the glory days of rail service in America. Thus, if you are traveling in a party of two, then you will most likely be paired with another party of two for dinner, thereby affording the opportunity to meet new people. Moreover, since people are generally free to get up and move about the train cars during at least some portions of the ride, you can meet and interact with other people then as well.

Booking a roundtrip ride on a mystery-themed dinner train is a great way to celebrate a holiday which will include a gourmet meal and picturesque views of the passing landscapes. Most passenger train services operate special holiday excursions throughout the year, so you can plan your rail getaway well in advance.

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Jordan Stephens
Jordan Stephens
5 years ago

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