Adopt One of These 6 Dog Breeds This Summer


When summer arrives, dog owners usually have a blast playing with their pooch under the sun. They, for instance, bond with their pet by doing outdoor activities together, such as taking a hike, going on a camping trip, playing in the swimming pool and having a dog beach outing.

If you reside in a warm area and are looking to adopt a dog this summer, you’ll want to choose a dog breed that can tolerate hot weather. After all, not all canines can stay cool and perform well in warm temperatures. The best dogs for this type of weather have the right fur (or none at all) along with a body structure better suited for hot climates.

Here are a few dog breeds that can thrive in warm weather:

  • Vizsla

This big-eared dog has a short coat and is well-suited for warm climates. Oddly enough, Vizslas don’t hail from low-latitude locations. Instead, they are from Hungary, a country with a fairly temperate climate. Despite this, they can stay comfortable in warm temperatures.

Another great thing about Vizslas is that they’re one of the most affectionate and friendliest breeds in the world. You can expect them to greet most people, including lifelong friends and strangers, with a smiling expression and a wagging tail.

What’s more, this breed is easy to train. Vizslas love nothing more than pleasing their pet owners.

Take note, though, that Vizslas need copious amounts of exercise. If you’re planning to adopt this dog, you’ll need to be willing to go on daily runs with your canine. If this isn’t possible, you should at least play with this dog around in the backyard every day.

  • Basenji

This dog breed originally accompanied hunters in equatorial Africa. This means that they hail from some of the wettest and hottest forests on the globe.

Basenjis are dogs with moderately big ears and short coat. They are also driven, athletic and smart. What’s more, they’re independent and self-assured pooches.

If you are going to adopt a Basenji, be prepared to train your dog or hire a professional dog trainer. Basenjis can be difficult to train and aren’t suitable for first-time dog owners.

  • Border Collie

Some people associate Border Collies with frisbees. They love playing fetch, as this breed is athletic, intelligent, acrobatic and incredibly energetic. Given their high levels of energy, Border Collies need big, open spaces. This means that they are not ideal for condo unit owners.

Although Border Collies are intelligent, they do require pet training – or else you’ll be facing a terror of a dog. If you’re a first-time canine owner or don’t have the time or patience to train your dog, consider choosing a different breed.

  • Great Dane

If you’ve always wanted a “Scooby Doo” type of dog, go get yourself a Great Dane. What makes this breed unique is that they enjoy the heat. You can usually find them right next to the fireplace when it’s on. When the sun is out and the temperature is hot, Great Danes will lay right where the sun is beating down. You’ll practically have to beg them to come inside your house and cool down.

Despite being a tall and heat-loving canine, they have a short life expectancy. If you’re looking to adopt a Great Dane, you must make sure to give them a balanced and healthy diet and regular sitting with the vet.

  • Chihuahua

This pocket-sized pooch is a dog breed that does well living in warm weather climates. They originate in the hot desert of Mexico, so they’re no stranger to warm temperatures.

Chihuahuas make great pets for individuals living in a small home, an apartment or a condominium. Take note, however, that this dog breed is fragile. Chihuahuas can hurt themselves easily, so special care and attention are required to prevent injury.

What’s more, this dog likes to bark a lot. If the walls of your home aren’t thick enough, the barking sound may disturb your neighbors.

  • Dalmatian

This is another dog breed that’s suitable for warm climates. Their tolerance of hot climates makes perfect sense, given their big ears, long muzzles, lanky build and short coats.

Dalmatians are highly energetic dogs. They have the physique built for running, which means that you can expect them to run for miles without overheating.

If you’re planning to adopt this high-energy pooch, you’ll need to provide this polka-dotted dog with enough exercise. Dalmatians that aren’t getting enough workouts often develop destructive behaviors.

If you want a pet this summer, adopt one of these sunshine-loving canines. When choosing a dog breed, make sure you pick one with a personality that will fit you or your family.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the great advice, although I’ve been thinking more and more about the Australian Shepherd lately. In fact, this is a great option for me, according to how much its activity should coincide with mine and in general, I like this breed