Above the Clouds: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?


When traveling by plane, many of us are unsure what is and what isn’t allowed on board. Security threats are always hanging in the air, so airports and airlines are doing their best to make travel safe. 

We can’t help but wonder what security rules apply to vapes when traveling by plane. Some questions that puzzle us are where to pack the vape kit and the quantity limitations.

The Transportation Security Administration has specific guidelines regarding vapes on planes that you need to consult before embarking on your next adventure. 

Vapes Traveling on Planes

So, you’re getting ready for your next trip and excited to bring the new vape you purchased recently from your favorite online vape shop. Yes, you may take vapes and e-liquids with you on a plane, but comply with the law to avoid trouble.

We’ll now explore some tips and tricks to help you pack in no time:

Correct Vape Packing

The policy for any vapes with lithium batteries is that you have to store them in the carry-on luggage. That also means your battery and liquids go in the carry-on, not the checked baggage. It is a worldwide rule, with no exceptions, and it is in force due to concerns over fires in the cargo.

When considering container size for liquids allowed on planes, note that the maximum allowed is 100 ml. The trick to packing the liquid is emptying some of the e-liquid. 

There’s a good reason for this rule. Full bottles tend to expand at high altitudes due to the cabin pressure. That can cause spillage or breaking of the bottle and thus create a mess in your suitcase. 

Preparing Vapes for Air Travel

Before embarking on a journey to an exotic land, the vapes need to be cleaned and disassembled. You must keep vaping devices with built-in batteries on you or in your carry-on luggage at all times. 

You should disassemble any vape devices with removable batteries. Remove the battery, detach the atomizer, and empty the e-juice cartridge. 

If you decide to bring extra e-juice because you are not sure if you’ll find the desired supply where you are going, pack them in your checked luggage. There is no limit on container capacity, but make sure you pack the liquid in a double bag. You’ll want to avoid clothes smelling of vanilla or strawberry.

Packing extra batteries may also come in handy. Remember to pack a charger and store the spare battery in a plastic case in your carry-on luggage. 

When bringing additional parts for your vaping device, it’s good to pack them in a separate container to avoid accidents. It is also helpful because you won’t be continuously searching for things.

The Importance of Being Informed

Staying informed can keep you out of trouble, especially when bringing vapes on the trip. Do some research and get advised on compliance of your e-liquid with local laws. 

Each country has individual rules regarding the bottle size and strength of e-juice. What applies in the US doesn’t necessarily correspond to regulations in other parts of the world.

For example, some countries have banned vaping altogether. You may want to check such information when booking a trip. Restrictions might apply with some airlines on vape pens, so you always have to double-check.

Taking it on a plane or to a foreign country is not recommended when it comes to CBD oil or vape juice. Traveling with CBD may be risky because rules are not always clear regarding this matter.

The best route to avoid any risky and uncomfortable situations if unsure of regulations is to leave your CBD products at home. You can always enjoy them once you return from your trip.

Can You Use Vapes on Planes?

Carrying your vaping device on a plane is allowed, but vaping on the plane is a no-go. Under no circumstance should you attempt to vape on a plane! Doing this will lead to you facing penalties, being removed from the aircraft, or even getting fined or arrested.

If you are boarding a long flight and know you’ll need the nicotine, try finding suitable alternatives. Get a supply of nicotine gum or pouches. They may not be as enjoyable as vaping, but at least you won’t be exposing yourself to trouble with the law. 

Enjoy the Clouds!

With the increasing number of vapers globally, airlines and airports are doing their best to make travel comfortable and safe for everyone. Plan what and how you’ll pack carefully before leaving for your next trip and avoid unpleasant situations. 

Are you going on a short trip? Consider disposable vape devices as an alternative. These all-in-one devices are a perfect traveling companion. They also save you time and headaches.

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Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan
1 year ago

You are right, they can be transported, but you can not smoke on the plane, moreover, make sure that the packaging is reliable and the liquid cannot spill out. Also, buy quality goods on trusted sites like https://hazesmokeshop.com/ to avoid problems

1 year ago

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1 year ago

You can take these devices with you, but they cannot be used on an airplane. By the way, I would say that flying can ruin them, since my 510 battery does not heat up, after a long flight