A Simple Guide to the Best Breastfeeding Positions


83.9% of babies are breastfed at one point in their lives. While many mothers are turning to breastfeed for the nutritional properties it provides to their babies, it doesn’t make it any easier.

There are tons of issues that can arise, including deciding which breastfeeding positions will work the best for your baby. There are newborn breastfeeding positions and breastfeeding positions for c-section mamas that don’t want to rest the baby on their abdomens.

Unsure of which position will work for you? Below you’ll find a guide on some of the top positions and then you can start giving them a try to ensure mama and baby are getting the most out of each nursing session.

Recline Position

The first position that most moms try is known as the reclined position. This is typically because right after you give birth the baby is placed on your chest and it’s natural for them to want to feed in this position.

Not only is this position great for newborns it’s also beneficial for your baby as they continue to grow and has proven to help if your little one isn’t able to latch as strongly when in other positions.

If this is the position you choose to go with, ensure you’ve got enough back and arm support. Also, make sure the baby’s head is supported while you’re feeding them.

Cradle Hold Position

The cradle hold isn’t just for when you want to rock your baby to sleep, it’s also a wonderful position to feed them in. This position is great, but it doesn’t always provide the support the baby needs while they’re feeding.

We recommend placing some pillows under your little one and your arm to give them the extra lift they need to remain attached as they’re feeding.

Football Position

It’s all about the angle for some babies when it comes to nursing, making the football hold one to try. One reason mothers choose this position is that it provides babies the support they need and allows mothers who’ve had c-sections a way to feed their babies without feeling discomfort.

If you’ve got a larger chest size this allows your baby to nurse without having to maneuver around your breasts. Ensure you’ve got a body pillow close by to prop under your baby while they’re nursing.

Side-Lying Position

When you’re feeding your baby at night the last thing you want to do is have to sit up completely, which is where the side-lying position comes in. It allows you to feed your child in a relaxing position.

It’s also essential if you need a way to feed your baby without agitating stitches from a c-section. If you’re still on the fence about breastfeeding, this article will list the benefits you and your baby stand to gain from it.

Breastfeeding Positions: More Options for a Successful Nursing Session

The breastfeeding positions you can use when feeding your baby are endless. It’s about finding the positions that work for you and your little one and going with it.

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