A Maternity Size Guide for Stylish Moms-to-Be



Choosing the right size for clothing can be tough no matter what stage of life you’re in. Sizings vary by manufacturer, and each individual is built uniquely. These issues can become all the more difficult when you’re pregnant and trying to remain stylish and up-to-date. Here’s what you need to know about getting the clothes you want while you’re expecting.

How maternity sizes work

The first important thing to note is that maternity clothes are sized proportionally to the clothes you normally wear. This means that if you typically wear a size 10, you want to look for a maternity size 10 once you’re pregnant.

That being said, everyone is different and every woman will change sizes at different rates. Some women can get away with wearing their regular clothes for weeks after other women are bursting at the seams. Some women will gain several cup sizes before they give birth, while others won’t.

This means that you should take your usual size as a basic guide, but make specific decisions based on your unique needs. Thankfully, in the age of the internet, it’s possible to order clothes online, try them on, and send them right back easily if you need a different size.

Why you need maternity clothes in particular

Some women try to get away with wearing normal clothes in a size or two larger than normal. If you want to keep looking fashionable, this isn’t a good idea. There’s a huge difference between getting larger over the years and getting larger because you’re expecting. Clothing design reflects these differences.

If you just get ordinary clothes that are bigger, you won’t like the end results. The clothes will hang in funny ways. They won’t give you enough room where you need it — in the places your body is actually growing — and they’ll give you too much room in the places where you don’t. Maternity clothes are designed specifically to adapt to the way a woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Getting clothing specifically designed to fit your pregnancy changes means that you’ll always be looking and feeling your best.

The right time to start looking

Because every woman is different, it’s impossible to say for certain exactly when you’ll need to start wearing maternity clothes. Your comfort is the most important consideration. If you start noticing these signs, it’s time to go shopping:

  • You constantly feel bloated and uncomfortable in your clothes.
  • Your belly starts peeking out and nothing will keep it covered.
  • You can’t button your pants anymore.
  • You can’t button the last few buttons of your shirts.
  • You don’t feel beautiful in your clothes.

What to wear

Let’s be honest: most of us don’t want to invest in a huge wardrobe for such a relatively short period of our lives. Once the baby is born, most of the maternity clothes will go to the back of the closet and may never be seen again. So what should you buy?

There are a few basics that every woman should have on hand. We all need a cute maternity dress, a good pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, a comfortable t-shirt, and a good bra. Lots of shirts pair well with your jeans or leggings, and the t-shirt is for feeling comfortable at home. Maternity dresses ensure you have a cute and stylish outfit to wear when you want to go out.

Once you have all these basics on hand, you can build with a few more pieces that reflect your personal style or fit seasonal needs, but you can do so at your own pace, getting just the pieces you really want to invest in.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, you deserve clothes that fit and make you look great. Being pregnant is an exciting and special time, and you should dress like you know it.

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