A Frugal Mom’s 5 Favorite Easy Ways to Save Money


Nobody hustles harder than a mom who wants to give her family the best. She is in charge of the home’s day-to-day activities, and doing so while working is never an easy job. One of the most challenging tasks that a mother encounters is the need to save money. Some of the moms have been doing this all their lives, yet some also have not. With all the family’s needs, thinking of cutting down the budget and starting being frugal may seem impossible and overwhelming. 

When busy moms think it is too difficult, chances are, they won’t do it. Thus, the key to successfully saving money is having the right mindset. Discover the easiest possible ways to do so without putting much effort. Here are five doable ways to save money for both aspiring and frugal moms:

Download and use grocery apps. 

Using grocery apps gives several advantages for busy moms who are trying to save both time and money. There are weekly flyers that offer online coupons to receive discounts while shopping. The store’s weekly ads promote the benefit of availing these promotions to encourage customers, like frugal moms, to be encouraged. Moreover, grocery apps allow virtual grocery shopping, which is a total convenience for busy moms. 

Prepare and cook your meals. 

Reality speaking, eating out is the easiest choice as there is no need to prepare for anything or even wash afterward. However, it does take so much of the family’s budget that cutting it out could allow moms to save money and instead, use the budget to prepare home-cooked meals. Also, there are several ways that moms can recreate eating out to happen inside the comfort of their homes, like purchasing frozen pizza, fries, tacos, and many more. 

Check your detergent usage and wash only in full-loads. 

In every mom’s monthly budget, a detergent is always part of it. One way of saving detergent usage is to check the required amount of laundry detergent that you need to use every wash. Most moms overlook this and use twice as the amount instead. Using the correct amount of detergent to use is the easiest way to save money! Moreover, washing in full-loads is recommended to enable frugal moms to save on detergent, electricity bills, and water bills. 

Save gas. 

If the destination is only nearby, it is best to use a bike or walk instead. Make time for it as walking and biking take time. Use the car only if there are multiple errands to save on gas. One way of doing so is planning ahead of time and always being mindful of making out most of the car’s gas usage. For example, if moms plan to do grocery shopping, thinking of what other stores to check can add to the existing list make time and money efficient.

Make your own coffee or tea. 

Hustling moms need coffee or tea to get by every single day. Instead of regularly purchasing, the wisest thing to do is make your own. The best way to do so is to buy a machine and find out online how to do it according to your liking. This way, you can create a hobby out of experimenting with a variety of coffee and tea. It is a stress-reliever, and at the same time, cost-efficient!

If you want to change your lifestyle by being frugal, remember to not put too much pressure on yourself. There is no rush. Among the five tips recommended, you can choose to do two or three on the list and start from there. You will be surprised how these easy, doable steps can help you achieve the impossible. Taking it one at a time, you’ll be surprised at how your savings turned out!

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