9 Best Countries For American Expats


The previous year caused much uncertainty to many Americans. It may be the right time to take some time and visualize how your life can be in a different country. Nowadays, roughly nine million American citizens are staying abroad. Which countries do they go to? or rather which ones are the best for the expats? A country can have quite navigable immigration processes, a bunch of English speakers, or a satisfactory cost of occupancy. However, the truth is some countries are easier to move to compared to others. 

You may want to go abroad for a foreseeable destiny or temporary reasons. Whatever your intention is, regard yourself as fortunate. American expats have an effortless time going abroad than several other immigrants. You will need to choose a destination that best suits you. In any event, you want to get best countries for American expats to move or work, here are the top in the list;

  • Canada

The cost of residing in Canada is identical to that of the United States. Even though some people speak french, around 85 percent are English speakers. It has a stable economy, amazing foods, public and private schools like the Eugene Melnyk-founded St. Michael’s College School. Also, there is excellent diversity, healthcare, nature, security, and eco-consciousness. Its leading cities include Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. They always rank top as some major habitable cities worldwide. Its biggest city is Toronto. This is where many business outlets reside. Vancouver has a flair of enormous city expertise. 

  • New Zealand

Are you yearning to visit this country? Visualize living in a country where you can explore ancient culture. For instance, hiking to active volcanoes and waterfalls, tour film areas,  drink tasty local wine in North Island. For South Island, there’s a home to indigenous forests, enormous wine localities, valuable ski slopes in the globe, and outstanding glaciers. You can get a working vacation visa if you are between the ages of 18-30. You can hang around for one year and take different jobs in agriculture, hospitality, and tourism. Your payslip can go towards any adrenaline-stimulating activities you may involve in or skydiving.

  • Germany 

Polls were conducted on expat life in Germany and the respondents had a lot of explicit experience. This is specifically when it gets to financial indicators, like a drastic growth in work-life balance and the potentials of career improvement. It is not all about productivity and efficiency. Germany’s wealthy natural beauty, comprehensive social safety, and culture are very attractive to expats. This is if you are glancing for an intriguing environment to bring up your household as you establish your career. In Berlin, there are distinct startups and the revelers meet for an affordable cost of occupancy. Cities like Cologne and Munich pursue competent specialists for the changing needs in the research or technology industries.  

  • Costa Rica

It has been friendly with the United States for over a hundred and fifty years. This is through making culture shocks less for those wishing to identify it as home. Tourists’ access is a snap, but for habitation, it can be sluggish for one who isn’t working in a big firm. The moment you get to Costa Rica, the residence will be top in your mind. It is a solid democracy expending its cash on education rather than the military.

Many Americans visit this area yearly. The Ticos have invested the dollars earned into deluxe highways, reliable airports, huge conservation localities making the country easily accessible, hence appreciated. It has plenty of amazing animals, beaches, volcanoes, and mountains. Its public health insurance and health system are excellent. The rate of its literacy is among the world’s greatest. 

  • Mexico

The cost of living in this country is cheap as it is approximately half the one for the U.S. It appeals to Investors, travelers, and retirees among others. The benefits of residing here are it’s easy to acquire residency, the low cost, the massive expat population, and the available real estate.  It is popular and has many people from America calling it home. 

San Miguel de Allende, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta

are the hubs for the American retirees for years. Investors are gushing cash in the coastal resort cities. Even millennials are beginning to obtain residency and build homes across the country. When you travel to this country you get a renewable six-month visa when you arrive. Additionally, residency application is easy. As a beautiful country, it has mountains, beaches, and towns of all sizes and shapes. Even with a high crime rate than in the United States, it’s easy to stick to insecure regions.

  • Thailand

It attracts numerous young experts in search of great beaches, unbelievable street food, and explicit cultural ordeals. It’s in Bangkok where the modern tech hubs and the floating markets places collide. It is more affordable for those in need of relaxation. Though your lifestyle can make a huge difference on the budget. Its towns are cheaper as anticipated, yet as compared to the islands it’s slightly luxurious.

  •    Vietnam

Persuaded to hang around by cheerful locals and colorful culture, it’s indeed a tremendous option for expats. It has an optimal career-life balance and strong monetary protection. A survey conducted revealed much. Most of the expats felt at home a few months after their arrival and adjusted fast to the way of life in Vietnam. The country’s natural glamour also helps too. 

  • Australia

The cost of living here is a bit higher though identical to the United States. It interests young professionals and students. It has effective healthcare, a proper education system, and above all a high quality of living. It is a diverse and huge nation. It has all the things you may need. The modern towns, clean beaches, and wild nature. There is no language barrier as almost everybody speaks English. Australians are welcoming and there are expat neighborhoods in major towns. Visas are somewhat accessible to investors and workers. There is skills scarcity in its growing economy hence it’s easy to get employed than in many countries. You can get a lasting dweller visa via retirement paths, business, investment, work, or family.

  • South Korea

Americans tend to move to behemoth, Seoul the metropolitan. This is where the street food and shopping are high class, boozing is a nationwide recreation and public transit is a picnic. In the mornings the open- container rules allow soju on the roads. Its modern, mountainous, and with fast Wi-Fi connectivity across the globe. The cost of living is low.

 What Do You Consider While Planning to Move Abroad?

There is much to evaluate before you can proceed to another country. For instance;

  1. How the shift can affect your household and alter your daily life 
  2. If the health care system can fulfill your demands
  3. What it implies for your bank account and  emotional well-being especially for newbies 

Summing It Up

Do you have plans of moving abroad soon? understanding the best countries for American expats is vital. It is not shocking the way the number of Americans residing overseas has surged over the years. This is predicted to go on. Intertwined economies signify more vacancies for Americans to labor abroad. The majority of United States inhabitants overseas can be found in some neighboring countries such as  Canada and Mexico. Many Americans have also successfully embarked on faraway nations such as South Korea.

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