Upgrading the interior décor of your home produces several benefits. First, you improve the use of space in each of the rooms. Second, you enhance the visual appeal of the primary entertainment areas, such as the kitchen and living room. Third, upgrading your interior décor increases the value of your home.

We know that it’s important to consistently upgrade your home décor. The question for the amateur artisan is how do you upgrade your interior décor on a budget?

Remove Visually Unappealing Items

Long before you take a pen to paper for creating a home décor budget, you can make the job much easier by removing things that diminish the ambiance of every room you plan to upgrade. Worn, damaged, and/or outdated items make the perfect donations to a local community shelter or organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. If you have hung on to vertical blinds in one or more rooms, replace the unsightly home décor accessories with a more modern set of drapes that flash color into a once dull and drab room.

Use Paint to Bring Wood Stained Accessories to Life

Wood stain molding and cabinets can eventually lose visual appeal because of exposure to humid conditions. A great idea to refurbish wood stained cabinets and molding is to paint over the over exposed wood home décor accessories by using a soft white colored paint. The same budget friendly principle applies to wood stained doors, especially wood stained doors located in high traffic areas of the home. In rooms such as a bathroom and the kitchen, consider using brighter colors like pink and yellow to brighten the appearance of wood stained home accessories.

Contractors are Expensive

We’re not asking you to become proficient enough of a do it yourselfer to host the reincarnation of This Old House. What we do suggest is performing some of the home décor projects yourself or with the help of trusted friends or family members. The DIY revolution took off when the Internet took off and cyberspace remains the best place to find resources that walk you through any home improvement project. The most a DIY project will cost you is the cost of materials and maybe a pizza or two for those that volunteer to help you. By performing most of the home décor projects, you eliminate the most costly item on a contractor’s home improvement project bill: labor.

Customization is Key

Buying custom designed drapes or an elaborately refurbished couch can quickly drain a home décor budget. If you are working with a tight budget, consider customizing home décor accessories that already grace the rooms of your home. You can add attractive wallpaper to the inside of a bookcase or over the front of a headboard to upgrade the look of a den or bedroom.

Shop Smart

If you find a home décor accessory that you simply cannot pass up, spend some time shopping for the best price by utilizing a few online resources. Search for home and garage sales in the area and spend a day (usually Saturday or Sunday) patiently attending each sale to see if you can find a bargain on a high quality end table or full length sofa. You can map out your garage sale itinerary to ensure you hit as many sales as possible during one day. Another resource to use is called ShopStyle, which allows shoppers to establish sales alerts for as many products as they want. Other online retailers like Overstock and Amazon offer similar sales alert features.

Make Craigslist a Priority

Most consumers do not have the time to browse through the myriad home décor accessory pages uploaded on Craigslist. However, time strapped consumers can subscribe to specific Craigslist search terms and then use the RSS feed to alert then whenever an item subscribed to enters the Craigslist system. Register to a RSS feed to email service to receive an email notification every time an item you subscribed to pops up on Craigslist.

Rearrange the Furniture

If you want to change the appearance and ambiance of any room and not spend one red cent doing so, then take a little time trying different furniture rearrangements to adjust the Feng Shui of the room. For example, a long couch that faces away from the front door can turn around and present a much more inviting appearance for the living room. You can enhance the décor of a home office by moving the desk next to the window that delivers the greatest sun exposure throughout the day. This not removing home décor accessories, but relocating different items to optimize visual appeal.

Repurpose with Fabric

Yes, paint is the most affordable material to use for upgrading your home décor. A close second is fabric, which if you account for longevity, brings more value to the table than the value brought by paint. You can change out fabrics on several home décor accessories to perform a major upgrade.

  • Pillows
  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Drapes
  • Chair Cushions
  • Slipcovers

Finally, think about how the bright orb in the sky reenergizes the ambiance of a dull and drab room. Taking advantage of the sun’s radiance is perhaps the most budget friendly way to upgrade your home décor.

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