7 Steps to Clean Your RV Fabric & Save Money


Let’s face it!

Neglected awnings can quickly deteriorate and become more serious issues, necessitating the need for a full replacement as well as mold and mildew growth.

One of the best ways to protect your investment and encourage lasting use is to keep your RV awning clean.

Even if your awning does not currently have mold, cleaning it regularly will help you extend its useful life and enjoy it for many years to come.

This article will demonstrate an easy method for cleaning your RV fabric.

Step 1:

Awnings should be opened and lowered as much as possible. You might need a step stool or a long brush if the item is too high for you to reach.

Step 2:

You can use a commercially available solution to clean and condition the fabric of your awning while also removing dirt, mold, mildew, and tree sap. Make sure the cleaner you use is made specifically for awning fabrics if you buy it from a store. Avoid using oil-based, caustic, or abrasive solutions.

Step 3:

Clear away any leaves or other debris to prepare the awning. Then, use a hose to rinse both sides of the cloth to get rid of any loose dirt.

Step 4:

Your cleaning solution should be applied to your RV awning. You can use a pressure washer, a brush, or a spray bottle—just be careful not to rip the cloth! Be sure to protect the awning’s top and bottom. The awning should then be rolled up so that the solution may soak. Give it five minutes to sit.

Step 5:

Reopen the awning and use your rag, brush, or sponge to softly clean the fabric. For squeezing into tight spaces, a car wash brush with a long handle is frequently useful.

Use a hard brush on acrylic awnings. Use a gentle brush on vinyl awnings. Try using a toothbrush for small, difficult stains, mold spots, or tree sap.

Step 6:

With a pressure washer or your hose, thoroughly rinse the awning. Make sure to get rid of all residue from your cleaning solution, especially if you used a chemical like bleach. Your cloth will be harmed if bleach or other similar chemicals are left behind.

Step 7:

Before storing, let the awning completely dry out in the air (be patient; never use heat to dry the fabric).

If you’d like to repel dirt and provide UV protection, you can treat the fabric of the awning after it has dried with a vinyl awning protectant.

How Often Should I Clean My RV Fabric?

How frequently should I clean my awning? is among the first queries that spring to mind while considering awning maintenance. When camping season is in full swing, the simple answer is once a month.

It depends would be a more accurate response.

How frequently you should clean any camper awning depends on many various variables.

You might need to clean it more frequently if you camp in an area that is particularly windy or dusty. You should clean it more frequently if you set up camp near some trees where sticks, bird droppings, and pests are common. Cleaning isn’t as important if you don’t utilize your awning frequently during any particular season.

Cleaning Vinyl vs. Acrylic Awning Fabric

Fabric for RV awnings is often made of vinyl or acrylic. Each offers significant advantages and necessitates a somewhat different maintenance strategy.


When it comes to washing, the permeable woven fabric known as acrylic presents special difficulties. The fact that it is woven means that debris and tree sap can get deeply ingrained in the weave. A coating that repels water is also offered on acrylic awnings. When cleaning the fabric, it’s crucial not to scrub too vigorously because doing so could remove the finish.


Cleaning vinyl is a little bit simpler. You don’t have to worry as much about tree sap and dirt settling in because it lacks the porous surface of acrylic fabric.


When purchasing anything online, in particular, you should be certain that the supplier is a reputable one with a reputation for offering high-quality goods.

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