7 Special Gifts for the Beautiful Fashionista in Your Life


When you’re shopping for the beautiful fashionista in your life, you may ask yourself, “What do I get the girl who has everything?” Luckily, there are quite a few things you can get for the girl you think has everything. You can put a great present in her hands and a great big smile on her face. Whether you are as fashion savvy as your fashionista or you’re always under her scrutiny, this list will help you pick something that she will both love and appreciate.

1. Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is always a good option for any fashionable lady. Every girl loves a cute and chic piece of jewelry and accessories. A striking statement piece like a long pearl necklace can take a pretty great outfit into a complete look. But an engraved bracelet or a personalized locket holds sentimental value and adds something to an ensemble that can only be felt on the inside. Custom jewelry is unique and shows the thought you put into the gift. She’ll love it.

2. Phone Camera Lens Kit

This is for the fashionista who likes to share. Being an internet sensation or a social media influencer takes a little help from technology. There are camera lens kits available for just about every kind of mobile phone or mobile device. Choose a kit that is small enough to fit in a small handbag or clutch that has multiple lenses that will give her options. Once she has the kit, all she’ll need is an outfit of the day hashtag and maybe someone to capture the mood. Even if it’s the cutest selfie ever, she can post professional looking pics on her blog and social media outlets.

3. Magazine Subscription

One of the best ways to stay on top of the ever-changing fashion industry is to read about them. There are tons of fashion magazines out there to choose from. Fashion magazines are full of great photos and articles that can really light the flame of inspiration on a day when she’s just not sure how she wants to present herself for the day. And if you really want something a little more stand out in the crowd, try a subscription to something from another country. Sure she may not be fluent in French or Italian, but this just might help her start to learn. And even if she’s not interested in learning the language, the pictures just might be worth more than you think.

4. Subscription Box

A subscription box is another gift that keeps on giving. Subscription boxes often arrive once a month, and recipients get a surprise each time. Subscription boxes can contain items to try, things like fragrances, clothing, shoes, snacks, crystals, you name it. Sometimes it’s full-size products and other times it is the trial size. The point of many subscriptions is to expose different products to their subscribers while boosting the visibility of different brands. Your fashionista can get the upper hand on new trends, original works, and exclusive products.

5. Gift Certificate

People often complain that gift certificates or gift cards feel so impersonal, that very little thought goes into them. But in some cases, that sentiment couldn’t be farther from the truth. Should you decide to give your gal a gift certificate, you want it to be specific. I repeat, do not get a generic use it for gas, groceries or phone case gift card. The idea here is to get her a gift certificate or card to a place that she shops for something specific, like makeup, bath and body products, etc. If you don’t wear makeup, nail polish or perfume, she will most likely appreciate you allowing her to pick the perfect shade, fragrance or palette for her. Walking into a store like Ulta or LUSH can be a little intimidating for the amateur beauty shopper.

And if you’re still not convinced that a gift certificate is a way to go, try attaching it to a very upscale looking and feeling greeting card, or a designer phone case or an awesomely cozy oversized scarf. Just remember not to be stingy with the certificate amount. That is one sure fire way to kill your gift giving.

6. Stylish Coffee Table Book

Although this may seem like an insignificant offering to show that you care, it’s a pretty good pick for the fashionista who loves to read or the girl who cares just as much about the decor of her home as she does the tres chic clothes on her back. Choose a book about fashion that has a stunning cover. You will go the extra mile if the cover matches her decor. But with a fashionista, the theme is always fashion and statement pieces, so the book will fit right in.

7. Tickets to a Fashion Show

Attending a fashion show is sure to delight any serious fashionista. Whether it is New York Fashion Week or a local designer, there’s something about being in such a creative atmosphere. It is the gift that will be the memory of a lifetime. Not only will she get to see new trends in fashion, but she can also catch a glimpse of celebrities and other notable persons. This may not be the easiest gift to score, so it’s best to start working on this present very early. Usually, upper-level seats are all that are available and even those can be difficult to come by. It is a good idea to get a backup gift from this list so that you won’t be empty-handed on her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or whatever the gift-giving occasion.

Hopefully, these gift ideas will be useful in finding something for the fashionista in your life who seemingly has everything. No more breakfast in bed or other “I don’t know what else to offer,” gifts. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a special breakfast, but if that’s what you always do, this list can get you out of that gift giving rut. Any true fashionista that eats, dreams and breathes fashion can appreciate any of these delightful presents.

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Alfie Solomons
2 years ago

Phone camera lens kit would be awesome to gift a fashionista. I mean everybody in the current generation wants to be a Hero. Although, they don’t work hard to get it done.

Gomax Sports
2 years ago

Why not gift them an accessory which enhances their overall look.

2 years ago

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Conduct Exam
1 year ago

Thank You for share great information…Keep it up..

1 year ago

Too amazing information…Thank you for share