7 Great Tips for Moms with Newborn Babies


You did it, you are finally taking your big steps in becoming a full-time Mom! Congratulations on your newfound happiness.

Now that your baby has been with you for a couple of weeks, you start to notice that he/she is starting to become more active and playful. However enjoyable and heartwarming that might be to see your child smile and laugh, we cannot deny that it might be taxing and exhausting sometimes.

So as our gift to you. We have asked moms around the world for tips that they could share for moms with newborn babies. We hope you like what we have gathered for you today.

Layer your baby’s crib

Changing a baby’s diapers might be a normal task for us already, however, there might come a time when accidents occur. This most commonly might happen in the middle of the night in the baby’s crib. Of course, when there is a diaper blowout it can be quite inconvenient for you as a mom and for your baby.

This results in a baby that is harder to put back to sleep and you lose more sleep. That is why you should really think about layering your crib. This way, in cases where there is a diaper blowout, all you have to do is pull out the mattress cover as well as the sheet and voila a new, already made bed for your baby to continue their sleep. No more walking around looking for brand new clean bedsheets at 1 in the morning.

You need to help your baby latch

A lot of babies have latch-on issues. This issue prevents them from getting the most out of their feeding time. Our daughter was one of such babies that had issues latching on to the nipples. We looked for different alternatives like breast pumps and all the likes. However, when our doctor suggested we try breast shields, we purchased a few breast shields from Lazada.

Our little bundle of joy started getting better on latching on to my nipples and now, even with the nipple shields gone we get the most of our feeding time. She’s getting all the nutrition she needs while I take pleasure in nursing her rather than feeding her with the bottle.

Keeping your baby awake during feeding

Babies eat slower as time passes by during your feeding sessions, this leads them into falling asleep after a short while. However, we found out that you can have them eat faster. That is by gently stroking the cheeks. This entices them to chew or otherwise suck more.

Did you know that babies sleep longer when they are full? Yes, this works and we have never stopped doing it ever since. This simple trick ensures that your baby is getting his fill on your breastmilk as well as providing you with peace and quiet for a considerable amount of time.

Keeping you in the crib

Babies at three weeks old might prefer sleeping on you than that on the crib. Most times they would wake up not feeling your warmth and cry immediately. Even after you have just put them there. These have been quite a problem for us back then since I really couldn’t do much of my chores when we had our baby. My husband tried to warm up the crib by using a dryer to warm a blanket. I was hesitant at first but it proved to be sweet serendipity! My baby just cuddled right on in and slept like, well you guessed it a baby!

You can try the dryer as it might be faster or you can invest in a heating pad just like us. We promise it works wonders as well.

Hypnotizing your baby into sleeping

When my baby was three weeks’ old, she had a problem with sleeping. Her screams of frustration felt like nails to us. We knew that we were lacking and understandably enough our neighbors heard the commotion. A kind old lady came to us as we were struggling to put our daughter to sleep, took her in her arms and started slowly rubbing her nose from the top of her brows to the tip. Her eyes started feeling heavy and the next thing we knew she was sound asleep.

Needless to say, we have been doing that and it had never failed us since. Our daughter is 5 months now and it still works wonders.

First baths

After your baby’s umbilical cord stump finally falls off, this would be the time when you are finally able to give your child a proper bath. While a lot of first time parents feel intimidated by the thought of their child catching a cold or feeling miserable while they are bathing, a small washcloth could make a difference.

When you are about to bathe your baby, soak a washcloth in warm water and spread it across your baby’s belly. This ensures that he or she is warm all the way through. It would help as well that you increase the temperature of the house if you live in a cold environment.

We tried this method when we were bathing our second son. We could clearly see that he enjoyed the baths more than our first child when he had his baths as a baby.

Getting less sleep

We love our baby. We almost wanted her to never sleep back when she was just a newborn. We understood that when a baby cries, it needs something including it food, diaper change, or just plain bored. But after experiencing a few days of her crying for no reason. We understood that there is another thing that our baby needed – more sleep. In our excitement, we provided her with way too much stimulation forcing her to be awake when she needed more sleep. Our experience should stand as a warning for new mothers, be aware of less stimulation and more sleep.

There you have it. These are just some of the tips that moms wish to share to you. We hope this will help you in your journey with your little sunshine.

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