7 Car Accessories to Make Your Road Trip


Road trips are fun; but only if you plan for them properly. A lot can happen during a road trip, and a single mishap can become the unsavory highlight of the entire adventure. So, to keep the fun alive and make your trip more rewarding, here are seven car accessories you should always have with you during your trip.

  1. A Cooler

When taking long drives, especially in hot weather, it helps to have a cold drink and snack close by. On some road trips, it can take quite a while before finding a place to buy drinks. That is why a cooler is one of the most important road trip car accessories you can have. Some of these coolers can keep the drinks and the snacks cold for more than 12 hours. Also, when you need a big cooler, make sure to get a version with wheels so that you can easily cart it around when necessary. 

2. A Sturdy Backpack

Even though throwing everything in the backseat and the boot is an option; your trip will be a lot more fun when stuff is not banging around the car and rolling around the floor whenever you hit the brakes or negotiate a corner. So, you should get a backpack to put your things in. Beyond that, you should ensure that you get a sturdy backpack that can handle getting thrown into the car and being filled with all kinds of stuff.

  1. A Radar Detector

Guilty or not, getting nabbed for speeding can really take the fun out of your trip. You would have to drive the rest of the way wondering if you are about to run into another speed trap. So, to ensure a smooth drive that does not put you at risk of getting slapped with a speeding ticket, you should arm yourself with a radar detector. You can always read about a radar detector comparison to learn more about it.  Be warned though, the police are now using advanced radar technology to make it harder on radar detector users. That is why you should strive to get the best radar detector on the market

4. Car Repair Tool Kit

Cars can run into problems at any time. During a road trip, the problem can emerge right in the middle of nowhere. Many of these problems tend to be minor, and having a car repair toolkit can help you fix them quickly and get back on the road. Some of the things to have in your car repair arsenal include a jack, jumper cables, a tire repair kit, flashlight, knife, pump, and the like. You should have things like an auto tow cable and other car accessories with you as well. 

5. A Navigation System

Road trips usually involve exploring routes you have never traveled before, and that is part of the fun. But getting lost is not going to make your trip as rewarding as it ought to be. So, you should have a GPS navigation system with you so that you can find your destinations more easily. Asking for directions from strangers is not a very reliable way of finding your way, especially when going through sparsely populated areas. 

6. USB Car Charger 

During a road trip, it is always critical to ensure that your phone stays on. This is important in case your car experiences trouble and your trip grinds to a halt. Having a charged phone gives you the means to ask for help. There is quite a good selection of USB car chargers in the market today that you can use, some even have multiple USB ports so that you can charge more than one phone at a time. 

7. Entertainment Options

Road trips lasting several hours can get pretty tedious. Staring out the window into unchanging terrains can be very boring, and conversations can slow down or break down as fatigue sets in. That is why having a selection of games is a good way to keep the trip more exciting and memorable. These games are especially important when you are taking the trip with your kids to keep them still during the trip. A car entertainment system can also help make the trip more fun as the car occupants can enjoy some music or watch entertaining videos during the trip. Nowadays, there are plenty of car video players and mounting options to make sure that passengers get good quality entertainment while still on the road. 

To Sum Up

Above are some things you should bring with you during your road trip to make it more successful. The good thing about these car accessories is that they are not that expensive; and yet, they can make quite a difference during your trip. With these accessories, you can avoid trouble from traffic police, have a way to keep your stuff organized and keep yourself entertained and comfortable during the entire trip among other things

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