5 Best Practices to Make Your Fried Food Healthy


 Who on earth wouldn’t be a huge fan of THE FRIED FOOD! It is of no doubt that we do crave for fried food to fulfill our appetites. Whether you fry any sort of home-made items or buy “ready to cook” ones out there, you will surely fill up your tummies with either of them, because believe it or not, these things are something we always prefer over healthier food items in the market.

The fact that they have a huge impact on our lifestyles has surely brought you today at the place where we’ll be guiding you towards the easiest and healthiest ways to keep your fried food full of nutrition and minerals, irrespective of the fact whether you shallow fry or deep fry them.

If you effectively manage to use any of these tricks in your daily routine life, we can confidently say that those days are not far where one wouldn’t have to worry about being diseased by high-fat levels or amount of cholesterol in your frying oils!

Hygienic Oil:

The primary factor that would swiftly harm your body has to be the unhygienic environment. Same is the case with your daily food. Being dependent on food for life, one would be very irresponsible if he/she doesn’t bother to discern the quality of food. Take a step and free yourself from the chaos of using burnt oil over and over again.

  • Use healthy oil
  • Avoid reusing it
  • Filter through a sieve in case of reuse

Accurate Temperatures:

Not all food products have the same composition, likewise, not each of them requires same amount of heat. Some need to be deep-fried and some require shallow frying, depending on what sort of food you have. Excessive heat can tear away the coatings and lower can cause greasiness. Therefore, dip your food once the oil is completely ready to cater to it.

  • Use fry thermometer for proper monitoring

Gluten-Free Ingredients:

Making your fried food healthier would dominantly require some practices that may expect you to give up on some things that you might have been using for long. Make the batter healthy by avoiding the use of all-purpose flour. Though it binds with food very nicely,, on the other hand, it contains obnoxious gluten which just sucks up an excessive amount of oil.

  • Include gluten-free ingredients in your batter

Carbonated Liquids/Baking Soda:

Consumption of enormous oil will do nothing but accumulate in your tiny and narrow arteries leading to numerous fatal diseases. Mainstreaming some points that can easily sway you away from such disasters is something to focus on. Once you batter your material, try using a small amount of baking soda or carbonated liquids. Purpose of adding them is that they produce minute bubbles of gas, reducing the absorption of oil by the respective food.

  • Couple this with gluten-free ingredients
  • Imparts healthier and better taste

Sauté The Food:

You will be well aware of sautéing different vegetables, which surely marks the importance of being one of the healthiest diet plans. What makes them healthy is the freshness and taste they have. Treating your frozen food items or any other with sautéing or baking would be a cherry on the top. Instead of deep-frying them, have a minimum amount of oil, preferably olive oil, to just make their surface crispy light brown. In the end, just place it in the microwave for a while to have the inner material cooked.

  • Retains nutrition
  • No excessive oil

Use Paper Towels:

Another way to make your fried food a healthier one is to make use of the paper towels. The key is to let the excess oil drain away once your food is out from the frying pan. Eating it covered more in oil rather than its own coating is just like inviting a disaster at your doorstep. Let it rest for a while until the towel absorbs extra oil from the above and then you are all ready to eat!

  • Dry excess oil

Final Verdict:

In today’s world, where health has landed on such a notorious level, it becomes difficult to figure out what you could possibly do to have the healthiest lifestyle, especially in terms of diet. But, we believe that this era has led to such an extensive innovation where one is not bound to just wait for the right way to come. It is not that difficult to make ways towards a healthier lifestyle. As this article presents you with several ways of making the best out of the worst, likewise, you can put your own efforts and choose ways which will also help you to get maximum benefits out of the minimum, because nothing out there is unattainable!


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