5 Tips to hiring maid services


Everyone enjoys living in a clean house. Unfortunately, the demands of life, such as your career, may take up too much of your time and energy that you are barely able to keep your house as clean as you would wish. Instead of feeling like you need to choose between sparing time for your career and home, you may opt for maid just right cleaning services.  

Ask for a background check

When you hire maid services, you are inviting a stranger to your personal space. You need to trust that the person coming into your home to clean it is of good standing in society. Most companies that provide maid service carry out background checks to ensure the people they use don’t ruin the reputation of the company. They usually have all the information you need of the maid you will be hiring. You may also request for references so that you can find out what others have to say about the maid services.

Find out about the experience and expertise

Companies that have been in existence for a long time have the experience and understand what clients expect from maid services. When looking for the company to use, it is essential to find out how experienced the maids are, as well as the training the company gives the maids to confirm if they will meet your needs and standards. 

Confirm the rates

Before accepting maid services, it is critical for you to agree on the cost. This is to ensure there are no future problems should the maid complain about the size of the house or quantity of work. It is best to find out if the rates are per hour or project. You can confirm how often you need the services based on the agreement on prices. If you need maid service frequently, you may choose to negotiate for a better price.

Ask about equipment and products used

Some companies provide equipment and detergents, while others only provide human resources. It is essential to find out about this so that you can ensure the maid has everything required to complete the duties as expected. If the company provides everything, find out what is used to ensure they are safe to use in your home. If you have personal convictions about particular detergents, you may request to provide the products you prefer.

Confirm that the hiring company is licensed and insured

This is something that is often overlooked but it should not. Hiring a maid service from a company that is licensed and Insured offers you additional protection knowing that you are interacting with professionals and that the business is a legal entity. Should you have issues with the maid, especially when it comes to damage and loss of property, the company will take responsibility.

Before committing yourself to a particular company providing maid services, it is essential that you discover what other clients have to say. Always look out for reviews to help you decide on hiring maid services.




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Derek McDoogle
4 years ago

I found it interesting when you said that most companies that provide maid service carry out background checks. My wife and I work all day and it is hard to think to get home and still have to clean it. I will suggest my wife contact a housekeeper to help us with those cleaning tasks.