5 Tips for Choosing a Bed Frame


Your bedroom should be the most relaxing place in the house. It is after all, where you relax and sleep and forget about the stress of the day. Choosing your bed frame and your mattress should then be something you should spend some time thinking about. If you are not sure how to choose one, you can check out the reviews discussed on Wifeknows.com. Additionally, here are some tips you can also consider when choosing a bed frame.

  1. Consider the size of the room where you will place it — First and foremost, you need to look at the size of your room. You might be dreaming of owning a king-sized bed with a really elaborate headboard, but if your bedroom is simply not big enough, then it will look too crowded in your room, with no space to place other stuff. You will not be able to relax when it feels too stuffy in your room.


  1. Decide on the height and size you want — Once you see the size of the room, it’s time to decide on which size bed frame you will buy. Aside from that, the height of the bed can also change the atmosphere in the room. A taller bed can invoke the feeling of elegance and grandeur, while a low bed frame can give a feeling of Zen due to its connection to Japanese beds like the futon.


  1. Incorporate your own personal style in your choice — You want a bed frame that you can live with for many years to come, so choose a design and style that you are comfortable with. If you like simple lines, go for simple designs that do not have a lot of design. But if you want something different, you can go for a more ornate design, with unique headboards and the like. This part of deciding is fun, as there are a lot of bed frame designs to choose from. Starting from the material, you can choose to have wood, fabric, or even leather. If you do not have a design for the bedroom set, your bed frame can become the focal point and you can choose the other pieces you will add to the room after you have chosen the bed frame.


  1. Make sure to invest in a quality bed frame — Since this is something that you will be using every day, take it as an investment and be prepared to spend money. Choosing cheaper materials can result in having to buy a new one because it will get damaged sooner.


  1. Decide on what mattress you will pair it with — While the bed frame provides the aesthetic, your mattress will provide the comfort. You can choose a coil sprung mattress or even memory foam mattress. Go to the shop and try it all for yourself so that you can make a wise choice. The quality of your sleep can be affected depending on what mattress you will choose for your bed frame.


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