5 Tips to Finding a High-Quality Drill Press


If you decide to buy a drill press, it is only sensible that you find the best quality one that there is on the market. Most people may not be able to afford a very high-quality drill press machine but even with the little money that one may have, they can still find a quality machine if they do the right research before they buy the drill press.  While there are very expensive drill press machines on the market, these again may not always be the best. For this reason, you need to read the reviews of the clients who have bought and used the drill press machines so that you can be knowledgeable about these tools.

Here are 5 tips that you can follow to find the best quality drill press machine in the market:

  1. Reading reviews from the DIY Hubby

DIY Hubby is one of the few review websites that have the right information about the various drill press machines available for you. When you read the informational reviews on this website, the process of finding a suitable drill press machine should be a walk in the park. You will find information about the power of the drill press machines, the reliability, and accuracy as well as the reviews of the consumers who have bought and used these tools.

The reviews from the DIY Hubby website will help you find all the most important features of a drill press machine and this is what you need to have in mind before you make a choice of the right drill press machine for your use.

  1. Build quality

This is a very important aspect of the drill press machine that should never be taken for granted. The fact that you will be drilling all sorts of planks means you need a high-quality drill press machine that is built for the purpose. You should know the type of drill presses for your benchtop. Do not ope for something that will underperform or is too much for the work you intend to do. Bob Robinson of BestOfMachinery stated that “a lot of benchtop drill presses are those that offer variable or multiple speeds, so you can be precise no matter what kind of material you are using. It should have enough power to overcome all the tough materials available for your drilling needs.

Your machine should be rugged and cool so that it can do the drilling with less or without any vibration at all. Such a product should, for sure, last longer.

  1. Consider the accuracy of the drill press

You definitely want perfect and accurate holes. There are drilling presses that have a motor and an aiming system to ensure that the holes you drill will be accurate enough. This is something that you will need to consider if at all you will be drilling holes on sensitive pieces of equipment. Those with a laser pointer would be the best for accuracy.

  1. Power of the drill press

You need to save time and energy as you do your drilling. To save time, you will need a very powerful drill press machine that has a powerful motor. You need a machine that has adjustable power levels so that you can work at your suitable pace. Depending on the types of materials that you will be drilling holes on, you need to consider a drill press that can have different speeds and sensitivity so that your work will be reliable and easy.

  1. Safety of the drill press machine

Consider the safety features of the drill press. You could compromise on other features but the safety of the machine and operator is of utmost importance. The machine should have easier controls for you to operate it with ease and convenience. It should also have overload protection. It should also be easily serviced and have high-quality parts available for the specific model that you will choose.

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