5 Tips for a blissful sleep


Millions of people around the world of all ages are affected by sleep problems. A round the clock, activity-driven society has meant that many individuals habitually defer sleep to get the things done. Recent research indicates that pervasive sleep deprivation can lead to serious problems including obesity, high blood pressure and low productivity or disinterest. Many people shrug off lack of sleep as not being of much consequence and as a result, go through life with both mind and body always performing at less optimal levels.

While there is a substantial awareness about the need for proper nutrition and exercise, here are some other notable ways which can be inculcated in our daily life for a blissful night’s sound sleep.

Control the environment

Some of the most significant contributors to good sleep quality involve the bedroom environment.

Firstly, optimize the physical setting to guarantee a restful night, every night. Blackout curtains and window blinds can help offset the effects of external light. Turning the computer, phone and other light-emitting technology off will curb the internal lighting situation.

Secondly, make use of relaxants to guide you to an undisturbed sleep. Rubbing scented lotions on your feet, playing relaxing music such as sounds of nature or bell chimes, burning scented candles and drinking chamomile tea are all fantastic relaxants.

Lastly, set the temperature and humidity of the bedroom to experience a cozy sleep. Adjust comforters according to the temperature and the weather outside.

Follow a routine

Train your body to follow a set routine. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. Go to bed at a certain time and wake up at the same time, everyday, regardless of the day of the week. Most importantly, treat oversleeping like an indulgence – the lesser, the better.

Sticking to a schedule allows the body’s circadian rhythm to become synchronized, which in turn causes the person to feel more rejuvenated and energized when they wake up.

Treat the bed as a sacred place

People who use their bed and buy comfortable mattresses online for sleep only rest better and fall asleep easier. By going to another room when you want to be active, you increase the mental and physical association between bed and sleep. Those who eat, play games and work in their bed day after day may find this multi-purpose space to be harder to sleep in, over time. So avoid working in your bed. Treat it as a sacred shrine for sleep.

Above all, get a bed that you are TOTALLY and COMPLETELY in love with. You should be in love with the mattresses, the pillow, the bed sheets and even your pajamas. If you don’t have these with which your sleep can romance with, get better ones today! It feels great and extremely comfortable and makes your sleep a great experience.

(Tip: Try buckwheat pillow. It helps you sweat less during the night and doesn’t deform.)

Avoid over-activity around bedtime

 Research shows over-activity of any kind can disrupt the sleep cycle significantly. This could mean sporadic exercising right before bedtime, a heavy dinner before you tuck in or even long hours of reading or working on your laptop. One to two hours before bedtime should be a ritual in preparation for the approaching sleep time. Just like you prepare your body for a gym bout or your mind for a conference at work, prepare yourself for a blissful night’s sleep.

Take naps during the day

Though this practice is unorthodox, company culture is slowly shifting to accommodate regulated naptimes inside and outside of the office during working hours. This prevents the body from getting over-tired and running on adrenalin, proven to be responsible for disturbed sleep.

Google and HubSpot have included private napping spaces for employees reinforcing the idea that naps help increase productivity. Research has shown that an hour long nap boost and restore brain power. (Even 10 minute power naps, seems to behold the power)


Sleep is meant to be a time where we can peacefully drift off whilst our body relaxes and our mind restores itself. A good night’s sleep can not only help you stay alert, bright and focused the next day; it can also keep you healthy in the long run.

Ensuring that your bed is comfortable and that your bedroom is a relaxing space is important.

If that means needing a new nightdress or a new mattress, go get one now. When you sleep better, your productivity level rises. You will feel more energized and be able to physically and mentally tackle the challenges of each day.

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smart coder
7 years ago

nice tips for all people to have a good sleep. Like me, i do a lot of jobs at night, sometimes i can’t sleep. Thanks