5 School Holiday Boredom Busters


There are two words that every parent dreads when it comes to school holiday time: “I’m bored!” But parents fear not, we’ve got just the thing to stifle the hollering of bored children. Here are five awesome ideas to keep kids entertained over the school holidays, rain, hail or shine.

Family Outings

Too much time at home can send kids a little stir-crazy, so why not take advantage of the kids’ time off and explore your local attractions. Take the kids out for some fun activities in the area. Find out about any special events happening in your area, like outdoor music event, workshops for kids or family-friendly festivals. You might take the kids to see a movie, spend a day at the nearest theme park, or explore some natural attractions and see some wildlife. The local library even makes a great place for a family outing, with many libraries often holding book readings, workshops and other kids’ activities over the school holidays.

Start a Garden

Encourage the kids outside and into the fresh air and sunshine by starting a garden with them, a garden just for them! Choose plants that are stimulating for children; plants that have strong aromas, interesting textures and eye-catching colours. Kids will enjoy planting herbs and flowers, and will be really excited by a veggie garden which holds the promise of colourful produce that kids can eat. A garden is a great learning tool for young ones and will keep them interested as they tend to their garden and watch the plants grow and bloom.

Get in the Kitchen

Cooking is a very stimulating activity for children as it engages all the senses, and they get to enjoy the rewards of their labour at the end – something delicious to eat that they helped make! Let your kids choose a recipe and help them make it, make sure you involve them as much as possible and teach them how to use the tools and create the dish. Remember though, safety first, no sharp knives or hot pans! To make things easier, why not take your kids to a kids’ cooking class; these pop up all over the place during school holidays, and mean there’s no mess for you to clean up at the end.

Room Makeover

Give your kids a new lease on their old room by giving it a makeover. Involve your kids in the design and decoration process too, they’ll love having a say in the new look. You could add a fresh coat of paint in a fun colour, hang up some fun artwork or wall decals, or even switch up the slumber routine by putting in bunk beds. Kids will love the fresh feel of having new things in their space, and will be far less bored on those rainy days inside.

Play Dress-up

Playing dress-up is a great way for kids to get creative and really stimulate their imaginations, as well as having a great laugh. Take the kids on an expedition to your local Op Shop and let them pick out some crazy items to add to the dress up box. Don’t forget to accessorise – big sunglasses, colourful beads and funky hats will create some interesting costume combinations. Once you get home just let the kids loose with their silly new outfits, they’ll be entertained for hours and you might even get treated to a fashion show. With these great activities the kids will be entertained and parents will probably have just as much fun as the young ones. No more boredom, just a house full of smiles and plenty of time for parents to relax while the kids enjoy their new room and garden, a game of dress-ups or the delicious results of their new found culinary skills.

Lorna is a stay at home mother of 3 wonderful kids however keeping her young ones entertained during school holidays has always proved a challenge. She put together this list in order to help other mothers keep their children entertained during the upcoming school break. 

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